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Local art group joins painted pebble craze

Posted on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at 8:53 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo showing a selection of pebbles painted by Stokes Art Group.

Painting pebbles and hiding them out and about is a craze that has swept the nation in recent years, bringing joy to those who paint them, and smiles to those who find them; so this summer, artists at the Stokes Art Group decided to join in the fun and create some of their own!

The idea is to paint a pebble or hand sized stone, write some information on the back of what to do with it once found, then place it somewhere outside for others to find. The information written on the back is the artist’s name or hashtag, and asks the finder to post a photo and message to a particular Facebook group – such as ‘The Stokes Rocks’ or ‘Bristol Rocks’” – then to either keep it or relocate it. Anyone can paint and hide pebbles, and it’s fun to track them – it’s amazing how far some pebbles have travelled – but to track them you need to be a Facebook user, and join the tagged group.

Susan Hartry, admin for the Bradley Stoke based Stokes Art Group, thought it would be a great idea to challenge the Stokes artists to ‘Painting on Stone’ – for this purpose; she explained: “Not only a fun thing to do, and for most members a new surface to paint a mini masterpiece on, but also a fun way of letting people know there is an art group in their area. Also, by tagging the pebbles to another community group on Facebook, ‘The Stokes Rocks’, we can track them, and maybe get other people to paint their own pebbles and join in on the fun.”

More than 30 colourful painted pebbles were placed in random locations throughout all the Stokes and nearby areas at the beginning of the school holidays – including Parkway Station, The Green and Meade Park in Stoke Gifford; The Common playing fields and The Common in Stoke Lodge; the Willow Brook Centre, The Common East, Primrose Bridge, the cycle path near Somerby Close, the leisure centre, the Baileys Court area and the Three Brooks Lake in Bradley Stoke; Patchway Roundabout and Little Stoke Park.

“Obviously not everyone is a Facebook user – and that’s OK – but if finding a cheery pebble painted by a Stokes Art Group member, or anyone else, brings a smile to someone’s face and brightens their day, that’s great!” says Susan.

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How colourful rocks are spreading kindness all around the Stokes

Posted on Monday 20th November 2017 at 9:20 pm by SH (Editor)

Ellie Carr displays some of her favourite "rocks".

Brightly decorated pebbles have been appearing at random locations all over Bradley Stoke in recent weeks, a sure sign that a worldwide phenomenon known as the Kindness Rocks Project has reached our area.

The craze, which is particularly popular amongst families with young children, involves using paint, glitter and other materials to decorate rocks or pebbles with colourful images and then leaving them lying around in public places, sometimes partially hidden, for others to discover and enjoy.

The ‘rocks’ are usually labelled with a hashtag, which identifies the creator, and people are encouraged to post photos of their ‘finds’ on local Facebook groups (ours is called ‘The Stokes Rocks’), quoting the hashtag. Once recorded, the ‘rock’ is often moved to a new location, exposing it to a wider audience.

Around the Stokes, pebbles can often be spotted on top of street name signs, dotted around play parks and on bridges and posts in the Three Brooks nature reserve. Popular spots are around the local primary schools and on the pathways leading to the Willow Brook Centre.

While it is possible to use pebbles found in the garden, many people have been buying bags of stones from garden centres, as these have a regular size and consistent colour. Acrylic paint and Sharpie pens are often used for the decoration, which is then weatherproofed using clear nail varnish, spray lacquer or yacht varnish.

One enthusiastic member of The Stokes Rocks, Adrienne Wheeler, estimates that her family has decorated and placed more than 60 pebbles over the past few weeks. Adrienne says rock painting is a craft activity that children of different ages can easily get into. Apart from the creative aspects, they also enjoy ‘treasure hunting’ – discovering pebbles hidden by others.

Find out more about The Stokes Rocks group on Facebook »

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