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FINALLY! Leisure centre installs CCTV cameras to cover bike parking

Posted on Wednesday 16th May 2018 at 10:09 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of CCTV camera and warning signage at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre.

Three new close-up, hi-definition CCTV cameras have been installed to cover the bike parking areas at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre (BSLC), a location which has become a hotspot for bike thefts over the last six months.

Bradley Stoke is currently suffering an unprecedented spate in bike thefts, with 25 reported stolen in the six-month period from November 2017 to April 2018, compared with just one in the corresponding period twelve months earlier. Of these 25, thirteen were stolen from the leisure centre, some distance ahead of the seven taken from the nearby Willow Brook Centre.

With the first theft from the leisure centre occurring on 3rd November, closely followed by six more before the end of the year, several of the victims, and even the local police, remarked on the “completely inadequate” CCTV coverage of the bike parking areas at the centre, which the Journal understands relied on a camera located around 40m away.

Following numerous calls from theft victims (or more usually their parents) saying the leisure centre needed to “up its game” on the security front, the Journal obtained a statement from Circadian Trust, the centre operators, in mid-November which unhelpfully said that “any property, including bikes, is ultimately the individual responsibility of the owner”. The statement said nothing specifically about CCTV for the bike parks, but added that they were “currently looking at increasing CCTV coverage generally in the car park”.

Suggestions that notices could be erected warning customers that the area was being targeted by bike thieves, a common practice elsewhere, such as at Parkway Station, were ignored.

Following a welcome reduction to just one theft in January, possibly influenced by publicity surrounding the Bike Fest @ The Stokes security awareness event on 6th January (organised by a local bike theft victim), the crime rate at the leisure centre soon shot back up with four bikes being taken in February.

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Bike thefts on the increase again in Bradley Stoke

Posted on Saturday 17th March 2018 at 9:01 pm by SH (Editor)

Graph showing number of bicycle thefts in Bradley Stoke (year to January 2018).

As previously reported, there were 17 bikes stolen in the final four months of 2017. Only one theft was recorded in January, but the first twenty days of February saw another five bikes taken, four of these from the confirmed hotspot of Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre (BSLC).

  • On 1st February, a black X Rated mountain bike belonging to an 11-year-old boy was stolen from BSLC between 8.30am and 5pm
  • On 6th February, a man’s blue and silver-coloured Saracen Element 1 mountain bike was stolen from Marjoram Place after being left unattended for just a few moments at about 10.40pm
  • On 7th February, between 2pm and 3.15pm, a man’s silver-coloured Carrera mountain bike was stolen from BSLC after thieves cut the lock
  • On 12th February at about 7.30pm a man’s black Giant TCR Advance 3 racing bike was taken from BSLC after thieves cut the lock
  • On 14th February, just before 8am, a man’s black and white Chris Boardman racing bike was stolen from BSLC

Information provided by Avon & Somerset Police on 20th February 2018.

Graphic: Bicycle thefts in Bradley Stoke, February 2017 to January 2018 (latest available Home Office figures).

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Bike Fest @ The Stokes proves a great success

Posted on Sunday 11th February 2018 at 10:28 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of local resident Nicky Tregenza having her bike security marked by PCSO Alicia Harvey.

Bradley Stoke resident Josh Harding, 14, chose to “make something positive out of a negative” after his bike was stolen last September. Here he reports on the success of the ‘bike security & safe cycling’ event that he organised, at which over 250 bikes were security marked…

After three months’ preparation, the day of the bike event, 6th January, finally arrived, bringing with it overnight freezing temperatures. The decision was quickly made to move the event inside the Willow Brook Centre to avoid everyone involved feeling the force of nature. With much anticipation, the volunteers, from the different organisations who agreed to attend, began to arrive and set up. By 10.50am everything was ready, but the nerves were setting in. However, at 11am, I looked up and saw a stream of people, with bikes, heading towards us. I was so relieved and thought then, this event is going to be a success! I jumped on the static bike to start the static cycle challenge for Life Cycle UK and chatted to people around me. PCSO Alicia Harvey and members of the Patchway police cadets started the mammoth task of security marking the bikes. Community champion Dawn, from Tesco, started handing out smoothies, whilst encouraging people, old and young, to have a go on the smoothie bike.

Wanting to be sure that no one missed the event, due to the relocation, Andy from Bradley Stoke Radio began making announcements and people just kept coming – it was fab! Andrea and Stuart, from the South Glos Bikeability Team, were busy receiving donated bikes and making small adjustments to any bike that needed them, while Keith from SportsPound chatted to people and handed out SportsPound vouchers.

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Bike theft victim turns anger into inspiration

Posted on Wednesday 3rd January 2018 at 9:10 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Josh Harding holding a bike helmet and bike lock. Poster advertising Bike Fest @ The Stokes.

A young teenage boy left devastated after his bike was stolen is turning his grief into something positive for his local community.

Josh Harding, from Bradley Stoke, is putting on a bike safety and awareness event to help others take measures to stop them falling foul to his fate.

The 14-year-old is working with several organisations, including the local police and South Gloucestershire Cycle Safety team, to organise ‘Bike Fest @ The Stokes’.

Josh’s mum Sue said:

“We became fixated with trying to find his stolen bike, checking selling sites online and driving around our neighbourhood. It was really getting Josh down, so I said let’s do something positive instead and that’s when we came up with idea for an awareness event.”

After saving for 12 long months, Josh had his bicycle stolen just weeks after he bought it. He had cycled to the Willow Brook Centre to buy his parents a gift for their wedding anniversary and came out to discover his bike was gone.

“He was so gutted that he’s refusing to let us get him another bike in case this one gets stolen as well,” said Sue.

Bike Fest @ The Stokes is being held on Saturday 6th January, from 11am to 3pm at the Willow Brook Centre.

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