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Have your say on air pollution and traffic issues

Posted on Sunday 17th September 2017 at 5:44 pm by SH (Editor)

ClairPoster advertising the City event in Bradley Stoke.

Local residents are invited to join a special event in Bradley Stoke to find out more about air pollution and to have a say in deciding how Bristol and the region should deal with transport and future growth.

Are electric cars the answer? What will improve the traffic flow? How might alternatives work? What about better trains or even trams…? A UWE Bristol project wants to hear from residents.

This meeting is part of a major European project ‘Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities’ (ClairCity) in which residents get to influence the long-term future of their region. They want to discuss how changes will affect residents’ lives now, but also look towards the future and find out what would make an impact and improve peoples’ lives.

The Bradley Stoke event is free and open to everyone. It takes place at the Jubilee Centre, Savages Wood Road from 7pm to 8.45pm on Tuesday 19th September.

On behalf of ClairCity, Dr Corra Boushel from UWE Bristol said:

“This project is all about listening to people, understanding the needs of different communities across Bristol and South Gloucestershire, and planning for a better future for everyone. During the event there will be an opportunity to learn more about the links between air pollution, transport and our health, and give your views on the long-term vision for Bradley Stoke and the whole region. You can help shape the agenda for your neighbourhood and the region.”

The project includes UWE Bristol and Bristol City Council as partners. To find out more about the project, visit or search for ClairCity on Facebook.

Source: Press release from ClairCity/UWE Bristol

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[Forum] Traffic grinds to a halt – Aztec West / M5 J16 roadworks to blame?

Posted on Monday 3rd November 2014 at 10:09 am by Lou1969 (Forum)

Traffic congestion at the Aztec West Roundabout on the A38 in north Bristol.

What is with the traffic today around Bradley Stoke? Took me 15 mins to travel from the roundabout at the bottom of Braydon Avenue to the Jubilee Centre. First sign of congestion at the Aztec roundabout and the whole town grinds to a halt.


Photo: Archive image of traffic congestion at the Aztec West Roundabout.

Ed: Plenty of discussion about this on our Facebook page this morning. See:

A sample of the comments:

  • Emma Nicholson: “Guess why the kids have gone back to school and the council can’t organise roadworks and perform them right! Let’s make 2 lanes into 1 and wonder why Bradley Stoke, Aztec and everywhere [is at] a standstill”
  • Simon Kneller: “The traffic planner for the council should be brought to account. If I made such a catastrophic and incompetent mistake I would sacked!”
  • Martin Lamb: “Wait till they build ‘Filton Keynes’ – you will see gridlock then.”
  • Alison Smallcombe: “Our council really should be ashamed of their organisation. These traffic problems wouldn’t happen in other countries.”
  • Matthew Goddard: “One lane taken out of M5 J16 roundabout and this is what it causes.. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was being worked on, but not a workman in sight! SGC planners = joke!”

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Councillors fear by-pass will bring increased traffic to Bradley Stoke Way

Posted on Monday 4th November 2013 at 9:59 am by SH (Editor)

Parkway North Roundabout, Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

Town councillors in Bradley Stoke say they fear the opening of the Stoke Gifford By-Pass (planned to be completed in 2017) will result in considerably more traffic using Bradley Stoke Way, despite assurances to the contrary by experts at South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

A presentation given to the town council’s Planning Committee in June saw SGC predicting a “marginal” increase in traffic flows along most of Bradley Stoke Way during the morning rush hour, and even a decrease in flows on some sections during the evening peak.

But committee members expressed doubt about the figures, claiming that Bradley Stoke Way would become “a relief road for the A38”, especially after the construction of thousands more homes on the Filton Airfield site.

SGC’s calculations assume a massive shift from private car usage to public transport, justified by the planned introduction of a new bus rapid transport system that will operate between Cribbs Causeway and South Bristol via the city centre.

The new service (known as MetroBus), which is expected to start in late 2017, will run along Bradley Stoke Way and connect with the new by-pass at Parkway North. After passing the University of the West of England on Coldharbour Lane, it will access the M32 at a new bus-only junction off Stoke Lane.

A new northbound bus lane will be constructed on Bradley Stoke from the Willow Brook Centre up to the Aztec West Roundabout on the A38. Shorter sections of bus lane will be constructed on the approaches to other roundabouts on the route.

More: Capacity issues at Aztec West Roundabout »

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[Forum] Rush hour traffic causing frustration at Gypsy Patch Lane roundabout

Posted on Saturday 23rd February 2013 at 5:28 pm by Rhian Priest-Dibben (Forum)

Roundabout on the B4057 Winterbourne Road at Orpheus Avenue.

Is there any way people from Bradley Stoke can petition or anything about sorting out the roundabout by Hatchet Road and Gypsy Patch Lane?

In the morning it will take me 30 minutes just to go straight across the roundabout. It gets jammed packed no one will let anyone out meaning lots of beeping and frustration.

It needs to be organised or something as it’s so stupid it hurts :(.

Do you have any ideas how we can get this out to the public of Bradley Stoke so they can help put a stop to this?

Rhian Priest-Dibben

[Ed: Happy to help by putting this story up for comment.]

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