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Bradley Stoke man’s marathon charity walk to mark employer’s 150th anniversary

Posted on Friday 13th April 2018 at 8:43 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Neil Thompson and Wayne Carter holding a Cystic Fibrosis Trust banner outside the National Friendly office

A seasoned long-distance walker from Bradley Stoke is to join two friends on a four-day 140-mile challenge to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Neil Thompson has chosen to use the 150th anniversary of his employer, National Friendly, based in Queen Square, Bristol, as an opportunity to raise money for the mutual society’s charity of the year.

He will be joined on the trek, which is scheduled to take place from 16th to 20th April (timed to finish on the actual day of the anniversary), by friends Andrew Bailey and Julian Rigby.

Two years ago, Neil completed the ultra marathon Green Man Challenge around the outskirts of Bristol (45 miles in under 24 hours) with Julian. He followed this last year by joining Andrew on a walk from Bath to Cheltenham (100km in under 24 hours).

National Friendly was formed in Albury, Surrey where the local reverend set up a friendly society to help villagers prepare for the contingency that ill-health might prevent them from working. The Reverend Canon Portal was a keen walker and he and novelist Lewis Carroll often walked the Surrey countryside together.

Now based in the centre of Bristol, what better way to mark the society’s anniversary than to make the physical journey from Albury to Bristol? Better still, the walk hopes to gain publicity and raise money to support research of one of the UK’s most common life-shortening inherited conditions.

The charity was proposed by head of sales and marketing at National Friendly, Wayne Carter, whose own brother and sister died from cystic fibrosis.

More: How to support the walkers via their fundraising page »

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Bradley Stoke man in team attempting 45-mile charity walk around Bristol

Posted on Thursday 13th October 2016 at 10:13 pm by SH (Editor)

L-r: Jamie Bramhall (Corporate Account Manager, Penny Brohn) with charity walkers Rich Carroll, Chris Wroe and Neil Thompson.

On Saturday 15th October four walkers (‘The White Walkers’) will be attempting to walk the 45-mile Community Forest Path, which encircles the city of Bristol, in under 24 hours. By completing their ambitious challenge, the team hopes raise more than £1,000 for local cancer charity Penny Brohn UK.

Neil Thompson, who lives in Bradley Stoke, will be joined by Chris Wroe, Rich Carroll and Julian Rigby. Neil, Chris and Rich all work for National Friendly in Bristol, while Julian has been selected for his navigational skills.

Known by enthusiasts as the Green Man Challenge, completing the walk in under 24 hours qualifies for the title of woodwose, the proper name for the wild men and wild women who haunted the imaginary forests of medieval Europe – and entirely appropriate for anyone mad enough to conquer the Community Forest Path!

The team will be starting and finishing the route at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, walking anti-clockwise through Dundry, Keynsham, Winterbourne Down, Bradley Stoke and Blaise Castle along the way.

Neil says they intend to set off at 5am to try to make the most of daylight hours, but are prepared for lots of walking under torchlight as they closely follow their map.

He adds: “We have tried parts of the route to try to avoid mistakes on the day and have done 30 mile plus walks before, but I guess nothing really prepares you for the rigours of an all-day walk.”

“We’ll be armed with plenty of food and drink, plus plasters, spare socks etc. to see us through.”

“We may have to take a break because it’s so hard walking cross country, especially when it’s dark and the grass is getting longer, but we are focussed on the 24 hour deadline.”

Neil explains that he chose to take on the challenge of the Community Forest Path because it takes in both Pensford (where he’s from originally) and Bradley Stoke (where he lives now).

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[Forum] Concern over cyclists riding on footpaths

Posted on Sunday 26th October 2014 at 10:06 pm by Carol (Forum)

Sign for a shared use route for pedestrians and cyclists.

I am writing with grave concern for pedestrians who walk dogs, people with prams and people who use walking aids on footpaths in the Bradley Stoke area, as I feel that someone is going to get hurt or injured by cyclists who ride their bikes on the footpaths.

I know some places have a dividing line for pedestrians and cyclists, but these are not found everywhere – and cyclists ride bikes on footpaths where there is no such line.

A lot of cyclists don’t wear cycle helmets, don’t have bells on their bikes and carry no lights.

On several occasions, I have been out walking and had a cyclist nearly run into me. It seems they expect you to move out of the way, as they own the pavement, not the pedestrians.

Also, in places where the path is divided, you sometimes have to step onto part of the cycling section because there are overhanging bushes where pedestrians are expected to walk. Now the darker nights are here and cyclists have no lights or bells on their bikes, pedestrians do not know there is a cyclist anywhere near them until they nearly run into you with their bikes.

If you say anything to the cyclist, they become verbal to you and you’re made to feel as though you should not be on the footpaths walking, so I really think this matter needs dealing with before it’s too late and a cyclist does cause injury to a pedestrian.


Photo: Stock image of a sign indicating a shared use route for pedestrians and cyclists. [Credit: London Cyclist; link:; licence: CC BY 2.0]

Ed: “Unsafe shared cycle/footpath on Bradley Stoke Way between Aldi and Tesco roundabouts” was identified as a priority issue at the last meeting of the Bradley Stoke Safer and Stronger Group. An update will be given at the next meeting on Thursday 30th October at Baileys Court Activity Centre (7pm start). This is a public meeting that is open to all.

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[Forum] Overgrown bushes causing problems for walkers?

Posted on Sunday 21st October 2012 at 1:33 pm by Caroline Jones (Forum)

Having done a lot of walking around Bradley Stoke recently, I wondered if anybody is finding the overgrown bushes and plants that seem to take over most of the pavement as annoying as me?

My daughter rides on her bike quite a lot and has to go near the kerbside a lot of the time. Some of them are prickly bushes and would cause injury if you got too close.

Caroline Jones

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