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Lots going on at weekly girls-only youth club

Posted on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 9:00 pm by Nikki Hallur

Girls and Young Women's Night at the Jubilee Centre, Bradley Stoke.

This month we visited the Girls’ and Young Women’s Night, which runs at the Jubilee Centre on Tuesday evenings from 7 till 9pm. This is a youth project organised by Bradley Stoke Town Council, involving girls who are between 12 and 19 years old. The evening focusses on social interaction and activities, as well as possible accreditations for the young people. Activities include arts and crafts, cooking, some sports, and trips. The group recently visited AirHop Trampoline Park, and have had occasional residential weekends.

We spoke to Graham Baker, the youth development participation worker for Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC), to find out how the project had developed. The Girls’ Night has been a popular project for a few years and has moved further into the heart of Bradley Stoke: it moved two years ago to the Jubilee Centre. Graham told us about his ‘detached youth work’ with young people, mainly outdoors in the afternoon and evenings, which gave him insight into their desire for a new skate park. As this developed, he noticed that most of the youth using the facilities were young men. There is now a small group of women using the new youth cabin facility near the skate park, but mostly Graham felt that in order to bridge the gender balance, a project needed to open up for young women. Graham stressed that youth work must come from “the opinions of young people”, and one particularly attractive feature of this group is that it runs throughout holiday times, such as during half-term.

The Girls’ Night has again increased in popularity since its recently appointed youth worker, Anita Fitzgerald, promoted the project in Bradley Stoke Community School. Anita said she “wasn’t expecting any new members to turn up because they hadn’t shown an interest at the time, but it made an impact and many of them brought friends along.” Anita added that as she gets to “know the group more, she will introduce more focus on issues that affect young people.”

The night that we visited, girls were busy making smoothies and doing different types of artwork. They enjoy the outdoor space that the room in the Jubilee Centre offers them too. The girls said that they like how they “have somewhere to go” and the fact that they have provisions such as snacks. One of the girls, Ceri, mentioned that the fact that the group is “free to join” is an added bonus.

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Child and youth group activities at Christ the King

Posted on Thursday 24th September 2015 at 8:47 pm by SH (Editor)

Christ the King youth group 4Mation ice skating at The Mall.

Now that a new school year has started, so has a new set of children and youth group activities at the Church of Christ the King (CtK) in Bradley Stoke. A group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers ensure there is a wide and varied set of events running throughout term times.

So, what groups are available?

First Steps

Toddler group at Christ the King, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

First Steps runs from 10am til 11.30am Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and it offers free play, story time, singing, craft, parachute play, snack time (for children and grown ups) and much more! The cost of the session is £2 for up to two children and any additional children or adults are 50p. It offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for you and your little ones to enjoy and hope you will join us!

Sunday groups

During the Sunday morning service, several groups run to pitch biblical stories and activities at relevant age groups with Bubbles (3 to school age), Sparklers (5–11) and Lazers (11–14). Come along to the service and let the kids get their own style of worship at the same time!


This group meets on a Wednesday evening and is aimed at 5 to 11 year-olds. Trailblazers is a newly launched club replacing the Daring 2B Different session. Trailblazers children take part in great games, crafts and activities. The group runs every week during term time.

“I love club because I get to spend time with my friends, doing the arts and crafts and playing games.”

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Bradley Stoke Councillors fight to keep youth centres open

Posted on Monday 10th September 2012 at 12:58 pm by SH (Editor)

The Brook Way Youth Club in Bradley Stoke has closed.

Councillors in Bradley Stoke are fighting to keep youth centres across South Gloucestershire open – despite voting to close their town’s only youth club just fourteen months ago.

Under proposals published earlier this year, South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) said it was planning to transfer control of all its youth centres to locally-based organisations. Any youth centres that failed to attract a sponsoring organisation would be “decommissioned”.

The reorganisation is part of SGC’s plans to slash spending on ‘universal access’ youth services by 46% over two years.

A public consultation that ran from March to May found that only 31% of respondents agreed with the Council’s proposals for ‘universal provision’ of youth services, while just 25% of young people agreed with the Council asking other organisations to run youth centres.

“In view of the responses to the proposals on universal provision from a significant number of respondents,” Council officers were asked to come up with alternative options and these were presented to a meeting of SGC’s Children and Young people Committee on 25th July.

When it came to a vote, Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors succeeded in gaining majority agreement for an amendment to the original proposals that would see centre-based youth provision safeguarded in the Council’s six designated Priority Neighbourhoods (Cadbury Heath, Filton, Kingswood, Patchway, Staple Hill and Yate/Dodington), leaving a smaller pot of money to be distributed around the other areas. However, immediately after the vote, Conservative members of the Committee invoked a new constitutional procedure to refer the decision to Full Council.

A “crunch meeting” of the Full Council being held tonight in Kingswood will now be asked to choose between the same three options previously put to the Committee. Depending on the outcome, the 1,839 young people aged 13-19 living in Bradley Stoke and Stoke Lodge will be assigned a ‘positive activities’ subsidy of between £7,551 (option 2b, distributed according to deprivation) and £32,228 (option 1, distributed according to population).

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Substitute youth centre faces the axe

Posted on Monday 23rd April 2012 at 1:54 pm by SH (Editor)

Little Stoke Youth Centre, Little Stoke Lane, Stoke Gifford, Bristol.

A youth centre to which young people from Bradley Stoke were directed after the Brook Way youth club was closed down last year is facing closure from April 2013 as part of cost-cutting plans proposed by South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

Interim measures put in place following Bradley Stoke Town Council’s decision to terminate its youth provision contract with Southern Brooks Community Partnership included “signposting” to sessions at Little Stoke Youth Centre, where SGC has been funding two part-time youth workers to provide a club night for Bradley Stoke youngsters.

But that arrangement  is now under threat after SGC announced its intention to transfer control of all 13 of its youth centres across the district to “locally based organisations” such as town and parish councils, charities, community interest companies, social enterprises, staff owned mutual and private providers.

Any organisation coming in to take over the running of a centre will have to take over the upkeep of the building, which for Little Stoke amounted to to £27,800 in 2010/2011.

If no organisation steps forward to take over a centre, it will have to be “decommissioned”, says SGC.

The cost-cutting proposals, which could also lead to the closure of Bradley Stoke’s Sure Start Children’s Centre, are currently the subject of a public consultation that runs until 25th May.

The matter was discussed at last week’s meeting of Stoke Gifford Parish Council, where Cllr Ernie Brown revealed that Bradley Stoke Mayor Cllr Ben Walker has been exploring the possibility of Bradley Stoke Town Council taking over the running of the Little Stoke Youth Centre, an idea which got a frosty reception from his fellow Parish Councillors, including SGC Cabinet member Cllr Brian Allinson.

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