New Tesco store grows ever larger

New Tesco Store

The footprint of the new Tesco store in Bradley Stoke has become more visible in the last few days, with erection of the final pillars on the south side of the building. The outline of the store can now be seen to stretch from the site boundary on Bradley Stoke Way to within a few metres of the new filling station on the access road leading from the Three Brooks roundabout.

Construction is expected to continue towards the north-west corner of the store in the next few days.

The full extent of the building is however not yet apparent, as the mall units on the northern side are yet to be added – this phase of the work has been held back pending demolition of the existing Tesco store’s loading bay, which the new store overlaps. The mall units, when added, will bring the boundary of the new store to within a few metres of the existing store (to the north) and the existing filling station (to the north-west).

Tesco plans to keep the existing store running until the new store is ready to open in “late autumn”.

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