Willow Brook Centre – the morning after the night before

Town Square

This was the scene shortly before 8am this morning (Monday 13th October) after workmen had toiled through the night to get Bradley Stoke’s new Town Square ready for today’s official opening of the Willow Brook Centre.

The stone pillars in the foreground are intended to support a set of wrought iron gates brought over from France, but construction difficulties meant that they could not be erected to their full height in time for today’s opening.

As the opening hour of 8am approached, a small group of people assembled outside the entrance to the main building of the Willow Brook Centre, waiting for the new Tesco Extra store to open its doors.

Bradley Stoke Mayor Robert Jones was also present, having given taken part in a live interview on BBC Radio Bristol shortly after 7am.

SubwayThe Subway sandwich store, which borders the Square, had already begun trading when The Journal’s reporter arrived at 7:45am. Elsewhere in the Square, KFC was set to open at 10am, but there were no signs of activity in the Greggs bakery shop, which seems to need a little more work before it is ready to open.

Check back soon for more coverage of the Willow Brook Centre’s opening day.

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