Details of Councillor vacancy to be revealed this week

Bradley Stoke Town Council logoA meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) on Wednesday (16th September) this week is to be told that one of the seats on the Town Council has become vacant.

A spokesperson for BSTC declined to name the Councillor involved and said that no further details would be revealed until the vacancy was formally announced on Wednesday evening.

The vacancy, when confirmed, will be the second during the four year term of the current Council and follows the resignation of Caroline Charlton (Conservative) in August 2008.

Ms Charlton’s resignation only became apparent when a notice of vacancy was posted on noticeboards in the town. The Council was criticised at the time for not announcing the vacancy on its own website, which lead to a spokesperson admitting that the Council’s publication practices were decades behind the times.

The resulting by-election in 2008 saw Jon Williams (Lib Dem) return to the Town Council after he had declined to stand at the 2007 election.

Wednesday’s meeting of Full Council takes place at the Jubilee Centre, Savages Wood Road (7:30pm start). The press and public are invited to attend.

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