Prospective students give views on sixth form policies

Sixth Form and Dance StudioProspective students of Bradley Stoke’s new post-16 (sixth form) centre have aired their views on policies they would like to see enforced when the facility opens in September.

Feedback from a ‘post-16 consultation exercise’ conducted amongst year 11 students and staff at Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) outlines opinions on:

  • dress code
  • rules for the centre’s social area
  • attendance regulations
  • driving to school
  • responsibilities and curriculum

Students say they would like to be able to wear smart denim (not ripped or distressed) and trainers, adding that:

Clothing should be appropriate for working situations and should not make other students or staff feel awkward (no low cut tops, bare midriffs).

On attendance, students believe they should be allowed to leave the site at lunch time, but not at break times. They also say that they should be able to leave early if they have no further taught lessons.

In keeping with the school’s stance on sustainability, the report says that “no-one thinks that [sixth formers] driving to school is a good idea”. However, students who have passed their tests and who have after-school commitments could be permitted to drive to school, the report adds.

Details of courses to be offered at the new centre will be made available in January.

Read more: Post-16 Consultation Feedback [PDF] (BSCS)

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  1. I’m glad to see reference to use of allocated spaces for those exceptions where students could be driving to school. I had tried to find comment in the submissions to planners, when the extension was being proposed, but found none.

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