Bin collections running a week behind schedule due to snow

Bins Await Collection in Bradley StokeRefuse and recycling collections in Bradley Stoke are running a whole week behind schedule as a result of the recent wintry weather.

South Gloucestershire Council says it has “temporarily suspended green bin collections to allow crews to concentrate on the black bin waste”.

The combined effect of the Christmas holiday and recent bad weather means that black bins that would normally have been emptied on Friday 8th January were in fact collected last Friday (15th January).

A notice posted on the Council’s website on Friday (15th January) reads:

“Today, most crews are collecting the black bin waste from Friday 8th January (which would normally have been collected on Monday 11th January  according to the revised holiday schedule but have been delayed by weather conditions).”

“In some areas we are running behind this schedule because the roads are too dangerous to access but in other areas we are beginning to catch up slowly. For this reason it is impossible for us to say with certainty when we will be able to get to any specific property.”

“The best advice we can give at the moment is to put your black bins out for collection according to the Christmas holiday schedule and we will get to you as soon as we possibly can. We are catching up but it is slow and variable progress.”

Dry recycling (green box) collections are also said to be running a whole week late.

The Council says it plans to start picking green bins up again in the week commencing Monday 25th January.

Householders are reminded that they may take waste to the Council’s Sort It! centres, the nearest being Little Stoke.

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  1. Unfortunately it’s a little more than a week behind in Great Meadow Road. We haven’t had our rubbish collected since before Christmas. They seem to have collected other roads nearby, but not ours. By the 25th it’ll be over a month; I just hope they don’t leave any behind!

  2. In the Manor Farm area we had our last black bin collection on 18th Dec. The council should be able to provide better information for very late areas. All their current statement tells me is that I will get a black bin collection on 5th Feb.

  3. Our bins (in Shepherds Walk) are collected so haphazardly at the best of times, I wouldn’t have known anything was different from usual. Our little bit of the road requires the bin men to double-back on themselves, and they often seem to forget. Going a month between collections has happened at least 3-4 times in the last couple of years when they miss one of the fortnightly black bin pick ups.

    Having said that – I reckon the black bins have been done twice since Christmas, which is more often than usual! (So I’m confused by the Manor Farm comment above, since that’s part of the same collection.)

  4. Tarragon Place is the same, we seem to be having the green bins collected all the time, and no black bin pick up since christmas. Everyones bin is overflowing! What I want to know is will the council pick up side waste or will it get left behind?

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