Councillor ticks off another Bradley Stoke basher

Councillor Robert JonesFormer Mayor of Bradley Stoke Cllr Robert Jones has wasted no time in countering another instance of ‘Bradley Stoke bashing’ that appeared yesterday on the letters page of a Hertfordshire newspaper.

Stuart Scullion, opposing the construction of 1,200 new homes in the historic city of St Albans, had written:

“If you want to see the impact of this scale of residential development go and visit the concrete jungles known as Lower Earley, Reading or Bradley Stoke, Bristol.”

The move comes less than a year after Cllr Jones successfully insisted on an apology from South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA) Area Director Ian Knight, who had singled out Bradley Stoke as a example of poor town planning.

Mr Knight had been quoted as saying (in relation to the proposed Ashton Park development in South Bristol):

“No one wants to see a Bradley Stoke Mark Two.”

In his reply to Mr Scullion, Cllr Jones describes Bradley Stoke as:

“… a thriving, vibrant and diverse community recognised in 2008 by Channel Five’s Property List as the third best value place to live in Britain.”

Cllr Jones ends his letter by inviting Mr Scullion and other St Albans folk to visit Bradley Stoke “and see for themselves what a great community we have built here”.

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