Fish and chip shop to open in Town Square

Simpson Fish & Chips

A new takeaway outlet is set to open in Bradley Stoke’s Town Square in a few weeks time.

Posters advertising a Simpson’s Fish & Chips shop appeared on Town Square unit 9 (next to Ladbrokes) over the weekend and work has already started on fitting out.

Owner Brian Simpson, who currently has shops in Cheltenham and Chepstow, told The Journal that he hopes to open his new Bradley Stoke chippy in about five weeks time.

A small amount of seating for diners will be available inside the shop and Mr Simpson says he also has plans to provide table and chairs outside in the Town Square.

The likelihood of a further fast food outlet coming to the Willow Brook Centre was revealed by Centre Manager Scott Lahive in The Journal’s “one year on” interview last October.

The Centre has so far been unsuccessful in its quest to attract a  family-oriented “knife and fork” restaurant to Town Square.

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  1. Just what we really needed. Another fast food take-away. We’re so short of those in the surrounding area. Sigh.

    Why is this so-called ‘mall’ pulling in all the bottom rung shops, and none of the next tier up?

    I want somewhere to take the family out for an lunchtime or evening. Not to sit on a set of overly expensive and very poorly designed seats attempting to eat greasy chips.

    Perhaps somebody should approach the unused cafe gusto in the mall and ask them to relocate here. They’d probably do a far better trade, and the food is excellent.

  2. I agree with Andy. No disrepect meant to the proprietor of this chippy, but it’s just yet another opportunity to create litter and generally bring down the neighbourhood.

    Willow Brook is crying out for a sit down restaurant – or even a cafe that offers meals rather than just sandwiches. I’m amazed Tesco hasn’t spotted this and opened it’s own cafe!

    I too am disappointed in the way Willow Brook Centre is only attracting the bottom end of the market shops but sadly, I imagine the close proximity to the Mall at Cribbs probably prevents the “big names” from bothering with BS.

  3. Yes andy food at caffe gusto is excellent, when I work in town I used them in Baldwin st but the caffe gusto at the mall is a proper sit down with grill bar menu
    when I went I had to wait a few mjns for a table as they were full , that was a weekend, it was worth the wait for the fresh falafel , my kids enjoyed the ice creams and colourful smoothies too although I dint know why I let them have both !
    your point about problems attracting this type of business to bs is so true and I too hope this changes in future – I’d vote caffe gusto everytime – I have emailed the link to them via si maybe some if the owners will read it ! Lou

  4. Thankyou all for your input and we will take this on board, however Tesco indeed asked us to join the mall at Bradley Stoke as we have an excellent reputation in the surrounding areas.

    We are not another greasy chippy and we look forward to proving this when we open. With regards to places like cafe gusto, chains like this generally prepare half cooked food on a plate and put it through a convection oven to heat. We prepare our fresh fish and chips every morning and pride ourselves on our quality and service. Frying in pure groundnut oil instead of vegetable or palm oil, ensures our food is not greasy but dry and crisp.

    Please visit our Facebook page to see the type of shop we run.

    We are a family run business who really care about the food we sell and the service we provide. The hard work we put in is rewarded by our customers testimonials and loyalty.

    So we hope to change your mind once we are open!

    Jan Simpson

  5. Maybe if residents had not allowed Tesco to have a monopoly on Bradley Stoke then we would have more choice in the area! As it is, i for one, am happy to welcome a FAMILY run business to the area rather than line the pockets of larger commercial chains! Just as i would rather pay slightly more in a traditional corner shop run by family than get ripped off by Tesco for the luxury of having Express shops! I wish you and your family good luck Jan and hope that you cook better cod and chips than the dried up stuff they sell next to Aldi!!

  6. No offence meant to you, Jan. I will certainly give your venue a try out.

    Like other posters, I’d far rather have a family run business setting up shop than a national chain or franchise.

    The frustration is that we now have a town square… of sorts… but there is really nowhere to take a loved one, or a family out to dine. You have to either buy fast-food, or you have to leave the area and sit in a pub or carvery.

    I’d really like an actual cafe or restaurant… to spend an hour or two eating and chatting and relaxing. Not 10 mins over a chunk of fried chicken, burger, or fish.

    Ah well. We can but dream.

  7. Having eaten at Simpsons in Chepstow I can assure the people of Bradley Stoke that they are in for a treat.
    Skinless, boneless fresh fish in crisp batter that doesn’t ooze grease as you cut into it and the best chips I’ve tasted in a long time.
    If customers use the bins provided for their empty boxes then litter wil not be a problem.

    Good luck Jan & Brian!

  8. lol @ sharon.

    I’m quite expecting the owner of “What!” to open a store here too 🙂

    On another note… has anybody actually worked out why we have expensive ceramic seats in the square, but each one has odd metal plates positioned so that you can’t actually sit comfortably on them? Is it to deter folks from cycling over them or some lame attempt at fashion?

  9. Andy……..i would think that the seats have been designed to stop people hogging them! lol they probably thought ‘make them good enough for a quick break, but not so comfortable that others wont get a chance to sit there too’! 🙂

    And i do agree with all, that as much as i like fish and chips, it would also be great to have some other new business’ as well. Bradley Stoke does lack in imagination and choice!

  10. The thing is, they’ll have to put things there that will take more money to pay the high rents. It won’t be cheap to be somewhere like that. Hardly anyone would go there for a sit down meal because it’s next to a huge tesco! Most people want to be in and out as soon as poss, so a takeaway is perfect! Plus it’s usually kids hanging around there so they have to choose wisely. A better chip shop than the other one would hopefully be popular and like tracey said, surely it’s better to give money to a small family business than line the pockets of costa and KFC? I for one am looking forward to trying them out.

    and yes the seats are annoying!

  11. Thankyou for the support to the posters who gave it.

    We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks 🙂

    Jan Simpson

  12. Any sign of an opening date for Simpson’s Fish and Chips yet?

    Their website still states ‘hopefully’ in June 2010?

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