Bin collection day to change for many streets in Bradley Stoke

South Gloucestershire rubbish and recycling collection day changes

Bin collections days are to change soon for many streets in Bradley Stoke as part of a package of measures designed to improve recycling rates.

About 43,000 households in South Gloucestershire are to to see their rubbish and recycling schedules change during the last week of September.

The changes are being made in preparation for the introduction of weekly food waste collections and fortnightly plastic bottle collections, planned for November.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGP) says:

“If your household is affected, you will be notified with a bin hanger on the black wheeled bin, or by information posted through your letterbox, that will inform you of your new collection arrangements.”

You can also check your next black bin collection on the Local Connections page of the SGP website.

To assist with extra waste resulting from the schedule changes, the Council says it will collect a maximum of one bag of household waste left next to the black bin for the first collection following the switch.

The Council also advises:

“The time of day that your collections are made may also change, so please make sure that your containers are out at their normal collection point by 7am on the morning of your collection.”

Further information about reducing and recycling household waste is available on the Sort IT! page of the SGP website or by calling 01454 868000.

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  1. Well done to the Conservatives for renegotiating a 25(!) year contract. It’s about time that a national recycling scheme was introduced, or at least centralised contracting to ensure the maximum amount is achieved because technology will always improve to recycle ever more products.

    The shortsightedness of what the Liberals introduced yet has been in place for many years in neighbouring councils is now all too apparent.

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