School clamps down on Miss Sexy trousers

The Wrong Trousers

Bradley Stoke Community School has announced that it will no longer tolerate the wearing of “inappropriate” figure-hugging trousers by female students.

The school says that ‘Miss Sexy’ (or similar) trousers are inappropriate for a learning environment because they “accentuate body shape in an unhelpful way … [being] particularly unflattering when worn by some students”.

The low-cut of the trousers leads to undergarments and “sometimes more” being revealed and can “take attention away from the learning focus of lessons”, adds the school.

The school’s uniform policy has always forbidden the wearing of such attire but some girls have persisted in wearing the “wrong trousers”.

Its patience having been tested to the limit, the school has now decreed that:

“… in order to ensure fairness to all who are wearing the correct uniform, with effect from Monday 8th November, we will be supplying tailored trousers to all girls who come into school wearing Miss Sexy or similar style trousers.”

Girls ordered to change their trousers on arrival could also end up having to surrender their cherished mobile phones for the day as the school will require something of value to be left as a deposit, to ensure that the approved trousers are returned at the end of the day.

A similar clampdown on Miss Sexy trousers by a Nailsea school in October 2009 [the Daily Mail reported] led to protests from some parents, who claimed the ruling was “over the top”.

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  1. Its just not the girls that have there undergarments shown, its the boys as well and the boys not get told off for wearing their trousers half way down their bottoms and the boys dont get caught up in all the media, its only the girls. Its sooo stupid

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