Author aims to bring hope to parents of autistic children

Renitha Tutin

A Bradley Stoke woman has written a book that she feels will give hope and ideas to other parents who are trying to connect with an autistic child.

Renitha Tutin, who has lived locally since 1997, has written the book to share the experiences and strategies she and her husband have used to help their autistic son develop, understand and function in the world.

Their son currently goes to Holy Trinity Primary School and the book explains how the school has played a huge role in helping him cope with day-to-day life.  Renitha says the support of the teachers and their enthusiasm has made it possible for their son not just to remain in a mainstream school, but to thrive in it.

My Child is Autistic

Renitha believes teaching him music and taekwon-do have contributed to how well their child has adjusted to life today.

The book tells of a taekwon-do instructor who has put a tremendous amount of energy and effort into teaching him, with all the challenges it involves.  Kerry Burridge of Stoke Gifford Taekwon-do, despite training world champions, took the time to teach this boy who liked to run around squawking and hiding behind curtains in her training hall.

Renitha told The Journal:

“I wrote this book as it is exactly the kind of book I would have wanted to read when my son was diagnosed at three years old. I had read a lot of books that were factual and informative – but what I really needed then was one which understood the challenges I faced as a parent, and could provide me with not just understanding, but practical ideas and strategies that I could use.”

She added:

“My book is a very personal account of life as a parent of an autistic child and I wanted to share this with anyone who is interested in autism. Most people just tend to think of the film ‘Rain Man‘ when they hear the word ‘autistic’ and I wanted to offer a little more information on the subject.”

“My Child Is Autistic” (ISBN 9781456771881) can be ordered from publishers AuthorHouse and is also available from Amazon UK, where the first chapter can be viewed using the ‘Look Inside!’ feature.

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