Pet rabbits decapitated in Bradley Stoke garden

The Bristol Evening Post reports that a Bradley Stoke couple are distraught after returning home to find their two pet rabbits decapitated.

The incident is said to have happened on 18th/19th June, when they were away from home visiting friends.

The couple have no idea why the rabbits were killed and are appealing for anyone who may have some information that would help them.

An RSPCA spokesperson is quoted as saying: “Sadly it is reasonable to think this was an animal attack.”

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  1. There are plenty of foxes around BS and not just at night time and as sad and worrying as this is for the couple who are thinking of more sinister motives, a bolt pushed across a cage door will not deter one of these pests.

    Release the hounds!

  2. we went away on the weekend off the 24th, less than 24 hours, and when we got back our rabbit was missing, there is no fur or body………