Security beefed up at Tesco Extra

Tesco Extra, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

Which department of a typical superstore would you expect to have the highest levels of anti-theft security?

Well at Tesco Extra Bradley Stoke it’s not the technology department (smartphones, compact cameras, satnavs, memory cards etc.) as you might expect but the fresh meat section!

Aisle 25 (fresh poultry, lamb & beef) on the lower floor of the Willow Brook Centre megastore is currently watched over by no fewer than four temporary security cameras (positioned on each corner of the aisle) with the pictures beamed onto two LCD screens on top of the refrigerated cabinets.

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  1. Bit of an old story since they have been there for the last 8 months. I should know because I installed them!

    But yes, highest shrink levels in retail are often meats and cheeses as these can be sold quickly down the local pub. Therefore it’s not uncommon to find additional security measures in these high risk areas.