Man arrested in Bradley Stoke prowler enquiry

Posted on Friday 27th January 2012 at 10:14 am by SH (Editor)

Police Car

Police investigating multiple reports of a prowler in Bradley Stoke and Little Stoke say they have arrested a man.

A statement posted today on the Avon and Somerset Police website reads:

“A 30-year-old man from Bradley Stoke was arrested shortly after 8pm last night, Thursday 26th January, by neighbourhood PC Claire Fletcher.”

“He remains in police custody today, Friday 27th January.”

The move comes after police said they had been called to investigate two separate reports of an early morning prowler in Elm Close (Little Stoke) and Oaktree Crescent on Wednesday 18th January.

Local police have said they arrested a man in connection with a similar incident in Bradley Stoke in November 2011 but following further enquiries he was released without charge.

An article in the The Bristol Evening Post earlier this week claimed a prowler was scared off after he was seen “trying to peer into a house” in the vicinity of Brook Way.

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11 Responses to “Man arrested in Bradley Stoke prowler enquiry”

  1. Abbie Thornhill Says:

    Fantastic police work demonstrated yet again by our hard working local beat team. Anyone who questions the level of work they do must be regretting their words now. Well done and thank you pc Claire fletcher and pcso Paul Baxter!

  2. S. Brown Says:

    Well all the people who remarked on our local beat team should think twice before running them down in future. Pc Claire Fletcher and Pcso Paul Baxter did an excellent job of finding the Bradley Stoke Prowler. well done.

  3. Toxteth O’Grady Says:

    “…. did an excellent job of finding the Bradley Stoke Prowler”

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law!

  4. Basit Says:

    Well Done ! We are really pround of you all.

  5. Bert Says:

    Burrrnn them!!!

  6. Natalie Says:

    Well done to our local police!
    To our local council however… Does this mean due to crime rates rising are we not going to be plunged into darkness every night anymore, by you switching off our street lights so we can actually see now if someones in our gardens & if someones trying to break into our houses/cars etc????
    Or are we going to get a reduction in our council tax instead???

  7. Sally Says:

    hooray, no more peeping tom

  8. k Says:

    No the street lights won’t be turned back on. It was 6.45 when a prowler was spotted (see. Previous report-). The lights were on!!!

  9. Whysonegative Says:

    Well done pc claire fletcher and pcso baxter,a job well done.Your are both a valued asset to our neighbourhood.I will also be informing colin port (chief constable) of your valued work.WELL DONE

  10. Your Goldfish Says:

    What if it was just an old man gardening?…

  11. Whysonegative Says:

    Goldfish are you serious? Idiot

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