Jack Lopresti visits Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre

Jack Lopresti with staff of Circadian Trust

Local MP Jack Lopresti recently visited the Leisure Centre and Library in Bradley Stoke to view the facilities and meet managers at the Circadian Trust, which runs leisure facilities across South Gloucestershire.

The Leisure Centre has grown over the years from very small beginnings, and now includes Bradley Stoke Library, a hairdressers and a café, in addition to the swimming pool, fitness studio and health club. The Trust has utilised its meeting rooms for community groups, outreach projects and fitness work such as yoga, and are finding that the site has become a well-used local resource.

Mr Lopresti said:

“I was very impressed with the efforts the Trust has made to put the Leisure Centre at the disposal of the local community in Bradley Stoke. It has become a wonderful resource for residents to visit for fitness, recreation and leisure, and is an example of what can be achieved with public buildings with imaginative and proactive management.”

The MP went on to discuss the Circadian Trust’s future plans, in particular its desire to increase the number of activities on offer at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, as well as the other sites it manages across South Gloucestershire.

Mr Lopresti added:

“The Trust has very interesting plans for the future he. As ever, there are challenges to be met and problems to be solved, but having seen the success they have made of Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, I am sure these can be overcome and this will continue to be a marvellous location for the community to come together.”

Source: Press release from the office of Jack Lopresti MP

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