New betting shop set to open at Bradley Pavilions

A former estate agents office in north Bradley Stoke looks set to be converted into a betting shop after a national bookmaker chain applied for planning permission for alterations and advertising.

Unit 6 at the Bradley Pavilions complex in Pear Tree Road was occupied by Reeds Rains (previously Halifax Property Services) until the estate agency business pulled out last year.

Coral Racing, part of the Gala Coral Group and the UK’s third largest betting shop operator, has applied to South Gloucestershire Council for planning permission to erect two satellite dishes on the back of the unit and make minor alterations to the shop frontage.

The company has also applied to the Council for a betting premises licence under section 159 of the Gambling Act 2005.

Subject to being granted permission, the new shop could open as early as 1st May – the date on which the company has asked its requested advertising consent to commence.

The Coral outlet would be the second licensed betting shop in Bradley Stoke, following the opening of a Ladbrokes shop at the Willow Brook Centre in May 2009.

The company already operates shops in Rodway Road, Patchway, and Gloucester Road North, Filton.

Objections to the planning and gambling licence applications must be made by 29th and 30th March respectively.

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  1. Super!, Since the halifax closed I have been looking for somewhere to put my hard earned cash 🙂 I have been driving to Emerson’s green to the nearest Halifax branch, but now I will be able to give my money to a betting shop!

  2. Personally speaking, I rather not see a betting shop opening in our area. As reported by a recent BBC report and others, there has been an increased proliferation of betting shops buying up empty shops. Some quotes to share (which I have to agree with):

    “We are seeing a reckless gamble with our High Streets which is contributing to higher policing and health costs in addition to reducing the quality of life for local residents.”

    Councils say betting shops, which often stay open in the evening, can be linked to anti-social behaviour and they say many areas have reached “saturation”.

    I would rather something the whole community can enjoy such as a new startup of some kind, or a new restaurant. Certainly not this.


  3. Oh no! A betting shop in the area will destroy any restraint I have and the compulsion to blow my entire salary on horse racing bets will snowball…..

    Get a grip people! Stating that a betting shop causes anti-social behaviour is laughable, what evidence is that based on? Oh wait a minute; I guess the opinions gathered from those councillors who don’t get out of the house much expressed within BBC News’s article must be fact?

    Reality is, I don’t see Coral’s venture lasting long. Ladbrookes at the Willow Brook Centre always appears deserted. Then again, who else is going to take up the vacant unit at the Pavillions?

  4. I think this is a bad idea.

    Got a betting shop in Willow Brook centre and do not see the need for another one in Bradley Stoke.

    The betting shop in Willow Brook centre is located as its a town centre.
    Bradely Pavillions is a residential area and should not have one.

  5. I find Joanne’s comments laughable.

    Online Betting and Bingo is 24/7, this is I believe is a bigger problem than betting shops for gambling addiction.

    I never seen any trouble around betting shops in residential areas I have lived in Bath and Gosport.

    The Betting shop will either survive or die.

    A bank would have been good.

  6. Bradley Stoke Town Council has voted to object to Coral’s planning application for “alterations to the shop front and installation of two satellite dishes”:

    “Following discussion, Councillor Tom Aditya proposed OBJECTION: On the grounds that the proposals are out of character with the surrounding area and harmful to the visual amenity of the area, seconded by Councillor John Ashe. A vote was taken, 2 in favour, 1 abstention, proposal carried.”

    Source: Draft minutes of BSTC Planning & Environment Committee held on 28th March

  7. Planning officers at South Gloucestershire Council have recommended that Coral’s application for permission to install satellite dishes and make minor alterations be GRANTED.

    “The concerns raised by the Town Council are noted; however, it is concluded that the proposal is not significantly adversely out of keeping with the character of the area.”

    District Councillors still have the opportunity to “call in” the proposed decision, within the next five days.

  8. Ironic when I lived in Bradley Stoke years ago I had to drive for miles to get a bet on. I had a terrible problem but ‘cured’ myself when I woke up to the reality that the only way I’d ‘make’ money was by working all I could for it. And stopped. After I’d lost all my money I ended up living elsewhere, and I must say having two shops a few doors apart here in Patchway is dreadful, not great service provision, and as for the anti social element I have been concerned by drinkers outside William Hill with their cans of booze and shouting abuse at women, not pleasant. Guess the social side depends on the clientele who may live nearby. Have to say the proliferation of gambling and pawn reflects the times we live in, people chasing a buck. I wonder how they survive, but dare to go in and watch as people pour their money into the machines in there. More money is made from these machines and sports football betting than horse or dog racing, and the instant fix for gamblers of the machines seems to be the biggest problem. Clearly these shops are taking a lot of money, hence their growth, and their attraction to robbery, something else suffered regularly here.

  9. Coral’s separate planning permission application for advertising signs has now been granted by South Gloucestershire Council.

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