“Neighbour from hell” given suspended sentence

Bradley Stoke in the media

A man who terrorised his next-door neighbours in Stanshaws Close, Bradley Stoke, has been given a two-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to possessing an offensive weapon and affray.

Jason Hynam, 33, described in court as “the neighbour from hell”, was captured on CCTV trying to break into the home of Mohammed Gaffori, his wife and baby.

Mr Gaffori said he had lived in “constant fear” and said of the experience: “I would not wish it on my worst enemy”.

Bristol Crown Court was told that on one occasion Hynam, who is being treated for a severe drink problem, told Mr Gaffori and his wife: “I give you a few months to leave or I will make your life hell.”

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Hynam had previously appeared at Northavon Magistrates Court in November last year, where it was revealed that a police officer was living in fear of having contracted hepatitis C after Hynam spat in his face following an early hours incident in Stanshaws Close.

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  1. What will it take for him to be locked up. We lived next door to him for a year 2009. He threatened us, threw a brick through our window and made our lives hell. It was our first time living alone as a couple and was an aweful experience. To know he is still being allowed to do this is shocking. I really feel for the family as we know what it felt like. We moved a soon as was possible.

  2. Not sure why he received another suspended sentence, seeing as he received one last year. Surely the whole point of a suspended sentence is that if you fall out of line again during the period it is suspended, no matter how minor the midemeanor, the custodial sentence is automatically invoked?

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