Police helicopter deployed to apprehend motorcyclists

Helicopter of the the Western Counties Air Operations Unit.

A big operation by the Avon and Somerset Police Force in Bradley Stoke this morning has resulted in the arrest of five young men.

The police helicopter was seen hovering over the area behind Bradley Stoke Community School between about 11am and 11:30am.

A covert police car, containing two plain clothes officers, was also involved in the operation – seen at the Leisure Centre before speeding northwards on Bradley Stoke Way.

Witnesses reported seeing Police Community Support Officers running through the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve and a message on Twitter spoke of four police vehicles heading down a road to reach a “wooded area” in the town.

A police statement obtained by The Journal explains:

“Police were called at about 10.20am today, Wednesday 16th May, to reports of young men riding a motorcycle on the footpaths at Savages Wood, Bradley Stoke.”

“Emergency response and neighbourhood officers, supported by the police helicopter, attended the scene.”

“A motorcycle, believed to have been stolen from Filton College on Tuesday 15th May, was found in bushes at about 11:15am and seized by police.”

“Five men aged between 20 and 24 were arrested and remain in police custody.”

UPDATE (17th May 2012) – also on this page of the police website :

“Five men arrested in connection with reports of a motorcycle being ridden on footpaths in Savages Wood, Bradley Stoke, have been released on police bail pending further enquiries.”

“Police were called to the incident on Wednesday morning, 16th May, and recovered a motorbike which had been stolen from Filton College the day before.”

“Anyone with any information which could help the ongoing police enquiries into the incident is asked to contact the South Gloucestershire Priority Crime Team on 101.”

“Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. They never ask your name or trace your call.”

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  1. Good.

    Not only are the motorbikes a safety hazard for kids and animals around the nature reserve, they are also incredibly noisy for the neighbours… i.e. me… trying to get 40 winks in the sun in the back garden 🙂

  2. I was on my usual morning walk when we were overtaken by this fast moving motorbike, which mounted the grass verge. Last week we were approached by a couple of guys on foot asking if we had seen any motorbikes as theirs had been stolen. It was very unusual to see a motorbike on the cycle track heading towards the lake. As we were resting by the lake the motorbike returned from whence it came. I stared at them and they shot off at a tremendous speed back towards the north. We then saw the helicopter and wondered if it was something to do with the motor bike. It crossed my mind that they might have been involved in a robbery.

  3. Do we think spending vast amounts of taxpayers money on a helicopter for this sort of thing is justified?

    I’m sure for the fuel burn of the two engines in an EC135 helicopter we could simply have a few more coppers on the beat who could stop things like this from happening in the first place.

  4. Doug how the hell are “a few more coppers” on the beat going to apprehend chavs on motorbikes?

    I’m just gutted that it wasn’t an Apache helicopter that was used to stop these morons.

  5. The last thing we should get rid of is the police helicopter. I’m with Richard.

    Increase my council tax and give it some hell fire missiles. Criminal street vermin deserve nothing less.

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