Multiple collisions lead to two-hour closure of Woodlands Lane

Police car.

Police say they were called to three separate road traffic accidents in Bradley Stoke last night (Wednesday 9th), with two of them occurring on the same stretch of road.

The first was just after 6pm, when a car was in collision with a cyclist in Great Meadow Road. Police and ambulance attended but there were not believed to be any serious injuries and the parties exchanged details.

Just after 7pm there was a collision involving two cars on Woodlands Lane. One vehicle was on its side, blocking the road. The road was closed until about 9:30pm for the vehicles and spilled oil to be cleared.

Police and ambulance attended, but there were no serious injuries.

At about 8:10pm there was a second collision on Woodlands Lane, again involving two vehicles and blocking the road. A man was taken to hospital for treatment for chest pains and a woman has been reported for driving without due care and attention.

This stretch of road was also reopened at 9:30pm.

Last night’s incidents on Woodlands Lane occurred just yards from the scene of an accident in May 2012 in which a motorcyclist died. A memorial formed of flowers and a lantern still marks the scene of the tragedy.

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  1. It will be interesting to see if the Police found that speeding was involved!
    This road regularly sees drivers doing 50+ (despite being a 30 zone)

  2. Totally agree with what Bob says. Frequently drivers are going well over 40/50 and I too have been overtaken several times! Also trying to get out of Westfield Way onto Woodlands Lane can be very difficult with the speed motorists come round the bend from the Trench Lane direction. Not to mention the speed at which the lorries going to the landfill site travel at. There have been a fair few accidents now, perhaps a few speed bumps wouldn’t go amiss!

  3. James – depends who is at fault insurance wise!

    Wife witnessed cyclist ride into bus in Centre yesterday as cyclist failed to see the bus (says it all!) (PS I’m a part time cyclist!!)

    I’ve asked the police to monitor the speed on the road – looking forward to their reply.

  4. I was one of the first on the scene for the incident which occurred on Webb’s Wood Road. As I was turning into Great Meadow Road, a female cyclist was lying in the centre of Webb’s Wood Road having just been clipped by a car. Luckily, no one was too badly hurt or distressed and all the people involved along with the emergency services did a fantastic job in dealing with the incident.

    In relation to Woodlands Road, I along with local residents had to fight extremely hard to secure funding from South Glos Council to carry out a speed and noise investigation into this road. South Glos Council have already had a fatality on this road and now two serious incidents in the same evening. Regardless of funding issues, something has to be done about the speeds people travel along this 30MPH road. By design it almost lends its self to a drag track and I know some people who travel along this road have little regard to the residents, pedestrians and other road users; most of which don’t live in Bradley Stoke but use the combination of Woodlands Lane/Trench Lane to beat the traffic.

    I will be writing to the Transportation Committee of South Gloucestershire Council to request details of their plans on improving Woodlands Lane from its beginning to its end.

    If they won’t act, I’m more than happy to progress a petition and press campaign to force the changes required to make this road safer!

  5. Changing the speed limit without enforcement cameras is just a waste of time and money.

    The only way to get people to slow down there is to catch them in the act, a couple of signs with 30 written on them will do nothing.

    Also just because people are driving at or below the speed limit does not mean that accidents will not happen, so don’t just focus on the speed limit.

  6. It is pathetic to see how ineffective is the system to tackle even a simple issue. Bureaucracy rules. So far, Ben and SGC Cllrs of BS were ineffective to bring anything good for the Town. Pathetic.

  7. A few years ago now I was driving along Woodlands Lane at 30 mph on a Saturday, when I was overtaken by a First bus carrying passengers!!!

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