MP welcomes Bradley Stoke’s ‘first family’ to Westminster

Jack Lopresti MP (left) with Roland and Brenda Cowley outside Parliament.

Local MP Jack Lopresti has welcomed Bradley Stoke’s first-ever residents on a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Lopresti invited Brenda and Roland Cowley, of Stean Bridge Road, for Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ), a tour of the Palace of Westminster and lunch after reading in a recent newspaper report that they were the first family to move into the ‘new town’ of Bradley Stoke over 25 years ago.

The MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke was interested to hear from the Cowley’s how they thought the town had changed over the years and to talk about the local area’s future.

Mr Lopresti said:

“It was a real pleasure to meet Brenda and Roland. They have so much knowledge of Bradley Stoke and it was fascinating to hear their perspective over how the area has developed and their hopes for the future.”

“What I was really pleased to hear is that Brenda and Roland love living in Bradley Stoke and have great friends and neighbours. They are clearly part of a friendly, tight knit community and, being the first residents, they will have undoubtedly played a big part in that.”

The Cowley’s seemed to enjoy their day as well, saying:

“It was great to see the workings of Parliament first hand and Jack and his team made us so welcome. We really enjoyed PMQs and were especially taken by how clear and articulate David Cameron was!”

“We had such an exciting day, so much to see – it was an education. So many things to absorb, memories that we will cherish.”

“This has given us the appetite to visit London again and make up for lost time in understanding our country’s heritage.”

In a Bristol Post article published in October last year, the Cowleys recall that when they first moved to Bradley Stoke, their house was surrounded by farmers’ fields.

They told the paper:

“There were no roads as such, and [our daughter] Samantha used to have to put plastic bags over her shoes to tramp through the mud to get to school.”

Having survived the house price collapse of the 1980s, when Bradley Stoke was dubbed “Sadly Broke”, the couple added:

“… we’re very much settled here now, and I don’t think we could imagine ever moving away.”

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