Former mayor resigns from town council

Cllr Charlotte Walker of Bradley Stoke Town Council.

A Bradley Stoke Town Councillor and former Mayor has resigned her seat just two months after announcing that she had dumped the Conservatives to become independent.

Cllr Charlotte Walker was elected under the Conservative banner to represent the Lakeside parish ward in May 2011 and served as Mayor during the administrative year 2012/13. In doing so, she followed in the footsteps of her older brother, Cllr Ben Walker, who had been Mayor for the preceding two years.

In her letter of resignation, Cllr Walker writes:

“As you are aware, I have been studying away from the town for some time and now no longer live in the area. Unfortunately, due to this I am unable to fulfil my duties as a Town Councillor and feel residents should be represented by someone within Bradley Stoke. Therefore please accept this as my formal resignation from Bradley Stoke Town Council with immediate effect.”

Councillor Brian Hopkinson, the current Mayor, paid tribute to Cllr Walker saying:

“Charlotte has achieved a lot in a short time on the council serving as she has as both Vice-chair and then Chair. On behalf of councillors, staff and the public I’d like to thank her for her service and wish her the very best in the future.”

Cllr Hopkinson added:

“I understand the reasons for her personal decision.”

Formal notice of the ‘casual’ vacancy on the town council is being advertised from today.

A by-election will be called if a minimum of ten local electors request one before the deadline of Thursday 15th August. Otherwise, the vacancy will be filled by ‘co-option’, a process in which the remaining councillors appoint a person of their own choosing.

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  1. Great CV filler, anybody else? Does she expect to get better notoriety by studying and then some quasi like employment? What an opportunity missed and probably will pine to support a community once again but is unlikely to succeed, her window for launch has closed. STUDENT APPLICANTS NEED NOT APPLY! I hope our new mayor does some good and stays to serve the community instead of themselves.

  2. Our current Mayor states “Charlotte has achieved a lot in a short time on the council..” Just for the record, please could the Mayor list those achievements so that the electorate may judge for themselves.

  3. Well at least we are rid of the adminstrative disaster that is the Walker family, let’s just hope that Hopkinson can pull his finger out and actually do some good.

    Time to step up Mr Mayor, can I suggest that you start with agressive lobbying to get the boadband service up to the national average for the WHOLE of the town. Stop knocking politely at the doors of the big ISPs and start kicking their doors down demending a proper service from them.

  4. Ten local electors have requested a by-election so providing sufficient nominations received an election will be held on 10 October 2013.
    For those who have posted to this website criticising those on BSTC, now is the time to stand for what you believe in or to vote for someone different (providing there is someone!)

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