Stoke Lodge school wants new access route from Jubilee Centre site

Proposed new access route into Stoke Lodge Primary School from the Jubilee Centre.

Bradley Stoke Town Council has given “in principle” agreement to a proposed package of measures that would allow pupils to access Stoke Lodge Primary School through a new gate from the Jubilee Centre site.

Representatives of the school and South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) attending a council meeting on 12th March said the new gate, combined with a new footpath linking it with Savages Wood Road, would provide a safer off-road route for the many pupils of the school who live in Bradley Stoke.

The proposals also include extending the overflow car park at the Jubilee Centre to provide 16 additional places and possibly introducing traffic calming measures at the entrance to the site.

Stoke Lodge Primary School currently has a two form entry, meaning that the total number of children attending is 420, of which about 180 (42 per cent) are said to live in Bradley Stoke. However, SGC has announced plans for the school to expand to three form entry (630 pupils in total) by September 2016 and it is expected that many of the additional pupils will also come from Bradley Stoke.

Currently, a significant number of children from Bradley Stoke access the school by walking along Savages Wood Road and then taking the footpath that connects it with School Close. The town council estimates that 30 – 50 parents park in the Jubilee Centre each day and walk their children along this route.

However, many others are taken to the school by car, which adds to congestion in School Close, where police have raised concerns about road safety.

The proposals were broadly welcomed by councillors. Cllr Robert Jones said it was right to encourage walking to school but welcomed the fact that the representatives weren’t trying to hide the fact that some people would still want to arrive by car. Mayor Brian Hopkinson, who is also a councillor for the Stoke Lodge ward on Patchway Town Council, said it would only be people from Bradley Stoke who would park at the Jubilee Centre and the proposals would “make our youngsters safe”.

Cllr Ben Walker, however, raised concerns about the extra vehicle movements that would occur in Savages Wood Road, with parents arriving, dropping off and leaving.

Following discussion, councillors agreed to support “in principle” the idea of the new gate, the new access path and the additional car parking provision on the Jubilee Centre site (but not the suggested traffic calming, at the insistence of Cllr John Ashe).

Councillors requested that a formalised plan be brought to their Planning Committee meeting on 23rd April for a final decision.

Image (click to enlarge): Plan showing proposed new path (yellow) along edge of football pitch linking Savages Wood Road (bottom right) with new access gate into Stoke Lodge School (top left). Also shows proposed extension to overflow car park (top left).

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  1. No need for anymore parking as the overall plan is to have cars off the road so we are all forced to walk, cycle or at huge cost use the buses. We should be discouraging people from using their cars and more parking goes against the drive to reduce carbon emissions etc, etc….

  2. I agree with Phil, Why are we again removing what little green space we have in Bradley Stoke for more CARS. Stoke Lodge school has more green space than most of the primary schools in Bradley Stoke yet we are taking away more of ours to provide them with a new access. Why dont they surrender some of their green space for the additional parking?

  3. @Refused and Phil, I totally agree with both of your comments but trying to get in or out of Savages Wood Road around School drop off or pick up time is a huge problem, most parents do park responsibly but a few will try to get as close as possible to the cut through in Savages Wood Road causing congestion, then you get people parking on or half on the pavements which adds to the problem. Parents should be encouraged to walk their children to school whenever possible…because let’s face it it’s not a huge distance for some! It’s a shame that we will be potentially losing some of our precious green space in Bradley Stoke for more parking!!

  4. Let’s not forget the residents around Stoke Lodge School, who are mainly elderly and have lived in these homes since new. There will be approximately 200 more children at this school. Currently the parking around it and surrounding streets is, quite frankly, abysmal. As a resident, there is total gridlock at 3:15 in Dyrham Parade with people parking half on/off the pavements on the corner of not only this road, but Bourton Close. And let’s not forget the evening occasions with end-of-term plays and parents night. No-one objects to parents parking sensibly, let’s face it we’ve all been there! What I do object to is often illegal parking and rude parents who think that they have the right of way at all times. Children and mothers with pushchairs often have to walk in the road. The report says at least 50 parents park at the Jubilee Centre with 16 extra spaces being considered. Let’s say, for instance, that’s one child per car, that makes 66 children. Where will the other 134 parents park? Let the Council answer that or get the police involved to police this area rigidly. Or shall we have a residents poll? Might be a good idea.

  5. @Barbera…I’m following this article with interest as it affects me directly and by the sound of too!! I certainly agree with you on having a Residents poll or the police to monitor the area. I’m sure I’m not going nuts but I do remember reading about a patrol car that was going to monitor the local area at school drop off/pick up time but not sure if that ever happened?? Yes we have all been there but never was I rude or inconsiderate…I don’t think!! The times I’ve been driven straight at when it’s my right of way by some harrassed late mother when it’s my right of way, no point in complaining as nothing gets done!! But something needs to be done, not only with the Savages Wood/Stoke Lodge end but the whole area.

  6. @Maddie – I’m glad I’m not the only one who has suffered inconsiderate parking and driving! I’ve already spoken to the Mayor of Bradley Stoke who, incidentally, used to live in Bourton Avenue. I think I will take this up with him again to get more in-depth information and will suggest a residents poll, not only here in Stoke Lodge, but in the surrounding area of the Jubilee Centre. I totally agree, something has to be done. I haven’t heard about the patrol car, but the Mayor did tell me that one mother was fined for illegal parking. It’s a start, but it’s not enough. The police should arrive at 3:10 p.m. without telling anyone and on a wet day. That’s when it all kicks off. And, yes, I was also driven straight at and was told “why couldn’t you wait?”. I had waited and waited and no-one thanked me even though the obstruction was on their side, so I decided enough was enough and carried on. That’s when the abuse started and at 6.45 in the evening to boot. I’ve had enough now even to the fact that if I want to go shopping, I wait until the school run has finished as I can’t get out of my road. It’s not good enough.

  7. Hi Barbera…I am more than happy to do my bit also to get something done about this? We have unable been unable to get anything done but a petition from Residents may help. Yet again today, the inconsiderate dark blue BMW was there, I have noticed that many parents are parking properly and with consideration but there are still a few that don’t! That still does not stop being driven at when it’s your right of way though.

  8. I live in Bourton Close & have to drive along Dyrham Parade at 3:15 pm after finishing work & quite frankly I dread it. Car doors are flung open. Cars aim straight at you even though there is room for them to pull over & it’s my right of way. On the wide corners of Dyrham Parade & Bourton Avenue cars park right up on the pavement. Cars swing around the bend on the wrong side of the road without a thought for other road users. People park on the zigzags. Kids running loose. And to top it off on the days I don’t work I have witnessed people sat in their cars at 2:30 pm reading a book & with the engine running waiting for the kids to finish. I have complained to the school & the police but nothing has changed. On the days I don’t work I wait until after 9:15am just so I don’t have to go through the morning rush.

  9. Maddie and BC. Yesterday was hell on earth here in Bourton Close! Residents could not get in or out for cars parked on the corners and were absolutely enraged. I’m going to take this up with the Mayor of BS again to see if we can have zig-zag lines and “keep clear” on all the corners of the streets affected. It’s about time we have an end to this nonsense before all the extra cars turn up. The majority of cars parked at both ends of this cul-de-sac were parents of children at the school. If I have to get a residents petition signed then so be it. Maddie – do you want to get one up your end if needs be? Maybe we could join forces?

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