[Forum] Anyone seeing an increase in rats around the Willow Brook Centre?

Street rat.

Just out of interest, is anyone living adjacent to the Willow Brook Centre noticing a significant increase in rats?

I’ve had poison down since January and although it is eaten, and I put new down, it keeps going…

My neighbours are reporting a lot of rats in their gardens as well.

It’s been reported to the Willow Brook Centre manager, who is looking into it.


Stock photo: A rat in a street of Sofia (NOT Bradley Stoke!). [Credit: Edal Anton Lefterov; licence: CC BY-SA 3.0; link: http://bit.ly/1gkMYTB]

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  1. hi, if you use rat poison, please make sure its a couple of feet off the ground on a table or similar. The rats will still get to it, but it wont get eaten accidentally by hedgehogs.

  2. Well, interesting you mention this. We live over the other side of meadowbrook primary school – in Crystal Way. Certainly not next door to williow, but close.

    Over the last 6 months, I’d say we have some suspect rat problems. Bite marks, chewed wood, etc – but best of all, a cleanly cut Sky cable surrounded by bite marks. Sky engineer was sure it could only have been a rat that cut the dual-feed cable. £65 to repair… sigh.

  3. I myself have started to see an increase at the common patchway. I am now putting traps out and poison. They come to a food source which for us is a fast food van. That trades at brookway and litter dropped by people eating their supper on the way home. Just what you need in and around kiddies play area and doctor surgery