Travellers set up camp on verge alongside Bradley Stoke Way

Traveller vehicles park on a verge alongside Bradley Stoke Way.

A local councillor and scores of residents are demanding that action be taken to disperse a traveller encampment that has appeared on the side of a major road in Bradley Stoke.

Four caravans and a number of other vehicles were this afternoon occupying part of the wide grass verge on the eastern side of Bradley Stoke Way, just south of Primrose Bridge.

The caravans are believed to have been towed onto the verge sometime this morning (Monday 16th), causing disruption to traffic as they negotiated the short but steep slope at the side of the road.

More than 70 comments have been left on a post about the incident on the Bradley Stoke Journal’s Facebook page, with the vast majority calling for the authorities to take action to remove the travellers.

In an email sent to local council officers, Cllr Ben Walker (UKIP, Bradley Stoke North) says he has reported the matter to South Gloucestershire Council via its online reporting system, adding:

“I had to escalate the report to the police, as, at 8.05pm, a fire was started by the travellers, which is dangerously close to both the highway and the wooded area of the pathway leading to the nature reserve.”

“These travellers need to be dispersed as a priority, as they pose serious danger to road users and have already begun to deface the verge.”

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  1. These are possibly the same travellers that used to park up in the long stay car park at Filton most summers but since the barriers got put in they’ve been ” homeless” I’m all for a nomidic lifestyle as long as you respect your neighbours and the environment around you, they are not particularly near where I live but I can understand the residents fears as unfortunately they don’t do themselves any favours but name calling and moaning without weight to it won’t do anything, pressure needs to be out on SGC and the Police to move them on as we all pay enough in Council Tax but these kind of people know their rights and use them to their full advantage. They have no interest in the local community as we know it’s just park up where they can and make money in the summer months.

  2. Can’t say I’ve seen a great deal of respect for neighbours or the environment from the people living in Bradley Stoke while I’ve been here.

  3. Disperse them- not on you nelly South Glos council will be down there looking at their needs. Toilets,schooling,medical needs etc.
    Why should the police disperse them. They are on council land. The council should move them on.

    Agree with John Peterson theres not much respect for environment in BS. Graffiti, litter, dog waste, neighbours who chuck their garden waste and other waste in green spaces to name just a few things that happen. UGH,

  4. Don’t bother trying to call SGC about the issue, 15 mins on hold to be told that they do not know what the procedure is for dealing woth the matter as the head of the Legal Department is not there.

    SGC are useless

  5. It was announced at a meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council’s Finance Committee this evening that the travellers camped alongside Bradley Stoke Way have been served a notice by South Gloucestershire Council* to leave the site within 24 hours.

    It was, however, noted that it is usual to allow longer than the prescribed 24 hours when young children or pregnant women are part of the traveller group.

    First hand statements from the police and South Gloucestershire Council will appear here as soon as we have them.

    *Editor’s note: We originally reported that the notice had been served by the police, but it appears that it actually came from South Gloucestershire Council, with the town council learning of it through the police.

  6. Make sure all your outbuildings and vehicles are locked. Do not deal with anyone who comes to your door wanting to tarmac your drive, fix your roof etc.

  7. Official statement from SGC, received this afternoon (Thursday 19th):

    A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said:

    “We are aware of the illegal encampment on Bradley Stoke Way and are currently working according to established procedures to negotiate with the families concerned to move on.

    “We have requested that the site is vacated and we are working hard to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”

  8. Official statement from Avon and Somerset Police, received this afternoon (Thursday 19th):

    South Gloucestershire Local Policing Inspector Steve Mildren said:

    “There are currently five caravans and four other vehicles camped on the verge alongside Bradley Stoke Way, Bradley Stoke.”

    “We are committed to maintaining a safe neighbourhood for both the settled and the travelling community and are patrolling the area regularly. As there have been no reports of anti-social behaviour or crime this is a matter of civil trespass. If the situation changes we will use our powers under the legislation appropriately.”

    “We work closely with South Gloucestershire Council and understand that council officers have issued a notice requesting that the travellers leave.”

  9. It’s strange they state no crimes have been reported.

    They have been taking wood from the nearby wood land (by force usong am axe, not fell wood) and using it as firewood. The A&S police themselves posted only a week ago stating that taking wood from the woodland was theft (from the landowner).

    I have infact reported this theft (on Monday) as I witnessed it that evening at 8pm

    Yet no crimes have been reported they say?

  10. This is only the start of it. There will be hoards of travellers descending on Bradley Stoke. Prepare for a surge in crime and disorderly conduct.

  11. Does this now mean that once they leave that anyone can park their car, for free, on that land without fear of legal procees as the police consider such an act to be civil trespass?

  12. Quite happy for them to stay as long as they want: with the proviso that my council tax is the same as theirs for the duration of the occupation.

  13. The police, BSTC and SGC must be bricking it in case they don’t give these parasites their human rights rather than just kick them out whilst giving their vans and caravans a good going over looking for anything illegal. Utterly spineless but not unexpected.

    Just send in a muck spreader, that would soon move them on.

  14. They make the place look a mess, there ruining our quiet area and its giving it a bad name kick them out everyone wants it lets be honest now.

  15. Stop moaning…!!!! It’s not going to get you anywhere.. They aren’t doing any harm… I walked past them earlier today and they politely waved back to my little boy who waved to them

  16. mm they are lighting fires by a nature reserve, wood is v dry given recent weather.. animals are in danger and risk of fire and like the previous comments state, they have taken wood from a nature reserve but cutting the wood down .. theft .. so .. sorry what part of “no crime has been committed?” utter spineless t****rs the police and council.. we pay council tax , very expensive too I might add .. what do these f****rs pay? wait and see what mess they leave when they do finally go cus the taxpayer will have to foot that bill to.. flipping travesty it really is .

  17. Whos up for holding their council Tax untill they move completely away from the Area. What’s wrong with the camp sites set up, which we pay for out of taxes?

  18. @Vicky… you have some valid points but can I suggest that maybe you pop down to the SGC offices and the police and call them spineless t****s to their faces maybe see what good it does?!?

  19. @vicky – The Police are governed by rules
    And regulations regarding travellers, they
    Cannot break the law because you
    Throw obscenities around on this forum
    The correct procedure has been followed
    Which if not adhered to allows them
    To escalate the process, rules are
    There for good reason, try and put
    Your point of view across without
    Becoming abusive and ignorant!

  20. I agree with you Vicky, they are committing criminal and civil offences with no care for others and will leave as much rubbish and damage as they can whilst we have to pay through the nose for local services.

  21. Wherever they go, Gypsies and travellers have a bad fame. That’s a fact. However, I read some comments that are a bit too nast and extremely racist in my opinion.
    To be honest, I don’t know if those on the camp are stilling but since we move back from abroad 4 years ago I can give you a long list of people who tried to scam us : Dodgy MOT just to get as much money as they can, Mechanics, Rip off plumbers, Rip off gardeners and a long etc… And what about the council: they advertise the Council tax is frozen but every year we have less and less for what we pay! And none of them were gypsies:)
    I suppose it is perfectly acceptable to scam and to do dodgy thing to your own people, but not from a foreigner! Saying that, I think the camp should be removed for one thing only: If I park my caravan where they are I am sure that 5 minutes later Police and Council will send the Army to remove me!

  22. Press release issued today (Friday 20th) by Jack Lopresti MP:

    Today Jack Lopresti MP wrote to Amanda Deeks, Chief Executive of South Gloucestershire Council regarding the illegal pitching on Bradley Stoke Way by Travellers.

    Since the travellers arrived, Jacks office has been inundated with calls about this issue from concerned local residents. Jack contacted South Gloucestershire’s Travellers Unit and was told that 24 hours’ notice to vacate was in the process of being served.

    The notice to vacate has since been served, however, the travellers are still illegally pitched on Bradley Stoke Way and the Council is refraining from pursuing further legal recourse to remove the travellers

    Jack said: ‘I was astonished when I was informed that the Council is refraining from pursuing legal action to remove the travellers that are illegally pitched on Bradley Stoke Way. What kind of message does this send to people who want to illegally occupy land in South Gloucestershire?

    This morning I wrote to Amanda Deeks asking what is being done to remove the travellers from Bradley Stoke Way. I have also reminded her about the strength of feeling about this matter locally and that the public’s perception of this is that the Council have done very little to remove the travellers and find the fact that the travellers are still present nearly a week later very disconcerting.

    I have also asked what South Gloucestershire Council is going to do to prevent access to this area in future.”

  23. Someone the other day suggested driving past with a muck spreader. That’s the best idea I’ve seen yet. If there’s any left over you could always sling it at the council.

  24. It’s Friday no one is gonna do anything now or in the next god knows how long I can’t understand if we didn’t pay up we’d have bailiffs knocking our front doors coz we have to pay
    No discounts for us on council tax but bet it goes up to cover clean up

  25. Let’s not be too PC here! The very nature of their business is to travel… Let’s get them on the road again. I don’t like to be reminded of how people can take the absolute liberty and get away with it. It’s about fairness really and NOT about discrimination.

  26. These travelers was at Aztec west on Mon 16 in the morning and got moved on that’s why they ended up at Bradley stoke they make the place look untidy as that area is such a nice place They should by moved to a proper site

  27. I usually say live and let live but I get frustrated by the fact that laws only apply if you are law abiding. These ‘travellers’ are not generally law abiding and they live off the fact that it takes time for our legal system to recognise their human rights blah blah blah.
    How long would it take the council to move on anyone else other than a traveller, not long I would suggest.
    That isn’t a bone fide traveller site so move on, feel free to visit the other traveller sites and see if you can pitch on their site.

  28. Unreal! MP “Lack of Lopresti” is always a step behind Councillor Ben Walker who is the only person who has been trying to sort this out. From what I heard via Twitter and locally he even went to see them personally. Don’t try and play catch up Jack. We know who to go to to get things sorted out. If we want a big airfield sell off rubber stamped we know where to come. Your office! It’s where you spend all your time anyway.

  29. If they stay only a few days, and leave it tidy I cannot see what harm is done. I have stayed on caravan sites that looked less well maintained.

    I suspect that these folk are not traditional travellers, but more the “gutters and fascia” types……with nice hanging baskets as well.


  30. Ironic that they park up and are not being moved on.

    My kids once, when in the woods with school mates having a woodland fire, toasting bread and bacon and sausages, were told to move on and they would be given an ASBO if they did it again. They were banned from the woods after that!!!

    Should took an old caravan up!!

  31. Everyone is banging on about the green space – it won’t be here much longer when they put the new lane in anyway!

  32. Did anyone expect them to move on after receiving the notice? Force is the only thing they understand unfortunately

  33. Amazing really , lived in Basingstoke , travellers moved onto land by our estate noticed was served in the morning at 6 pm that evening the police arrived in force and within 30 mins they were gone . They never came back to that spot again. If the council fails to enforce it just proves the council is sof on this sort of behaviour and next time it might be 30 vans and a whole lot of trouble .

  34. Ah, a mention of Amanda Deeks, the head of South Glos Council.

    She’s completely happy to trouser her massive taxpayer-funded salary (over £160,000) and gold- plated pension, but totally ineffective at actually doing anything.

    Her lack of activity is only to be expected. There’s a Common Purpose to all of this.

  35. Chain saws were being used on Patchway Common on Thursday evening around 9.30pm, I wouldn’t mind but I was half way through the 2nd half of the England game, ah well at least whoever it was distracted me from the performance on display!

    Are you aloud to use this type of machinery in a public space, surely if I walked along the common with a chain saw roaring the police would be round faster than Suarez around the back of Cahill!

  36. Just to let all you folks know that they are dumping the contents of their toilets in the woods through a gap they have smashed through the fence

  37. I went to chat to them on Saturday. Made very welcome on their clean and tidy area. All rubbish was binned and the children well turned out and clean.
    They have firm ideas on the state of the site in Winterbourne and the mess it is in and add they are unlikely to stay where they are for long.
    In the 20 minutes I was there they were abused 5 times by motorists driving past and their language was disgusting.
    I will also point out that we have no evidence at all of their supposed crimes but one of them did change the tyre for a stranded motorist on Bradley Stoke Way on Friday.
    Yes, I agree they should not be there but they do not need the level of racist abuse they are recieving.

  38. Dear Judi, Well there seems to be two faces of these Travelers, the one they show you and the one they use to go and threaten, intimidate and then brag about their escapades. As a Councillor, I have been to Aldi to speak with Management and staff about the raid that was conducted, not just simple stealing but looting ! Their staff are in fear of retribution should they take action. Next is the following event where in the Hollow Tree pub, these same people are bragging about their ability to be breaking the law of the land, and get away with impunity from any come back. They come and see where the soft-touch is, and then act in a manner that re-enforces everything that one hears of such people.
    Perhaps you and others would like to go speak with all persons, the ones that have been badly affected by their arrival and subsequent behaviour, as fully witnessed.
    Every body has a right of humanity, has that right to peaceful existence and safe from fear of harm. So where are you on that principle?
    In dealing with the matter of driving off a road onto land is a crime, and the Police have full powers to operate a check-point, to ensure that VIN numbers and licenses and persons are qualified to be driving, of course our useless cops wouldn’t know the law if it fell from heaven.
    I have been pushing people to call that M.P., about time he did something, amazing they didn’t camp on his precious airfield !
    As for John Ashe – the spanking brand new mayor of Bradley Stoke, where is he ? When the real non-glamourous work has to be done, he’s off playing golf.
    I DO hope that people come to the next Safer Stronger committee meeting, where the witness of the crimes of the travelers can be spoken of, it’s not myth, not at all supposed but the cold hard facts.
    Wake up people – without proper justice, there is only violence. Do you want that in society ? Do you want that in this community ?
    So, until the gutless, useless Police/Gloucestershire Council/ M.P. are removed, then this sort of upset will continue to happen.

  39. UPDATE
    The Hollow Tree public house has had ”all’ travelers banned, and to be enforced by the Police should trespass occur. Why is this you ask ?
    In getting drunk, disorderly, rowdy and abusive to guests, asked to go home. These people demonstrate their low-life attitudes by urinating on the windows of the pub and garden area. Great, think how nice that is ?
    To you do gooders, here is your chance to shine – why not invite your new friends around your house and garden, see how long that lasts as being genteel and twee ?
    Respect Bradley Stoke, and Bradley Stoke respects you.

  40. Cllr ed rose I think that the police do a good job and I think that by you calling them useless just show that you are an idiot because I would laugh my socks off if you ever ring them and they turn round and say that due to them being useless they can’t come to save you or arrest someone that has done harm to you or your family. No matter how short the police are staff wise they will all ways done there best

    If you that worried why not do something about it yourself but no that would be to hard for you to do but typical Cllr let try to get votes by bad mouthing the hard working people that keep everyone save to the best of there ability

    I look forward to hearing you respond but no doubt it will include the word do gooder

  41. I also went to visit them a few days ago and had a nice chat with them. They were very polite and welcoming and agree with Judi that the area was exceptionally tidy with the rubbish stored very neatly. Lots of young girls there but all very polite and very welcoming.

  42. Enough is enough. The people of Bradley Stoke who pay to live in the area through rent/mortgage and council tax don’t want them here. Surely that alone should be enough they simply do not have the right to just pitch up and trash our area especially the nature reserve. I feel for anyone trying to sell a property at the moment as I know if I drove into an area to view a house and saw travellers I would simply turn around. We had travellers down our street the other night my daughter listened to them giving orders to look for anything outside the houses they could take. I like many want to see our council act now they have had over a week to move on!

  43. To Cllr Rose:
    Do you not think you have gone a little too far with your above comments? I understand that you are unhappy with the travellers that have arrived, but I think your comments regarding the ‘do gooders’ is a little too much. I think they should be moved on as much as the next person, but surely you as a cllr here have a say in what happens and can use that power to help, instead of coming on here and suggesting people invite randoms to their houses?

  44. Cllr ed rose what a racist fascist bigot you are, well done for supporting all the racist bigots who voted for you, you pathetic lowlife.

  45. I was wondering how long it would be before the race card was used on this site, the MO of those unable to hold an intelligent debate and have to resort to this to try and stifle debate.

    What this sorry episode shows, when there is firm evidence of criminal and anti-social behaviour, is that our MP, BSTC, SGC and the police “force” are completely and utterly impotent in actually doing anything constructive and doing the job they are all well paid to do. So the travellers (note, they are not a race) know they can act with impunity and without fear of reprisals or punishment.

    In the meantime, businesses are affected, our area is blighted and we will all have to pick up the not inconsiderable bill to clean up the mess. Until the next time it happens when the same platitudes will be trotted out of course.

    I trust those who in recent days have been supportive of the travellers (on here and on Facebook) will be amongst the first to give up their time, don a pair of gloves and go armed with a binliner to poo pick?

  46. Cllr Rose. Gutless is changing party mid term and not holding an election. Remind me, how many UKIP councillors has Bradley Stoke actually voted in?

    Anon-e-mouse. I don’t normally bother to respond to people who have to hide their real name but I’ll make and exception. Both gypsies and certain types of travellers are a race. This is enshrined in the same legal system you want to use to move them on.

    I respect the right of both of you to be bigoted but please try and be accurate.

    PS, love the fact the advert at the bottom of this page is for a camp site

  47. I don’t think the police are useless by any means but the fact is the travellers seem to get away with everything if I camped up in a rent on the other side wonder how long it would take the police to move me I would be forced to move within hours but seems like police are scared ? To all the do gooders that can’t see no harm working in retail in the mall I have personally seem how rude intimidating they can be they stole from us used fake money, tried to give us incorrect money and tried to get children to distract us whilst we were counting. They leave an awful mess treat there animals unfairly and the children run riot the camp by cribbs causeway I have had boys shooting laser pens in my face whilst I have been driving and no parents out there supervising ? They leave there horses everywhere up by the mall if that was anyone else they would be seized by the RSPCA. Why do they get away with everything maybe if bradley stoke all stuck together and set up camp the other size then see how long it takes the police to move us. The travellers seem to have more lives than a Jewish cat it’s ridiculous. Bradley stoke is a nice area don’t let the travellers steal from you make a mess cut down the Woodland and make fires on the grass imposing danger on the nature reserve ! DO something please !

  48. Chris dlM (looks rather anonymous to me). If you want to call me a bigot then please provide evidence bearing in mind the definition of the term. You are straying into the legal territory of defamation and libel and I would advise caution.

  49. For legal reasons, a comment promoting specific vigilante action against the traveller encampment has not been approved.

  50. I’m all for the rule of law and due process, im surprised by cllr ed rose comments regarding allegations of criminal and anti social behaviour, may i remind you that our public houses every weekend provide numerous examples of this behaviour by members of the bradley stoke community, indeed im sure bradley stoke inhabitants may have possibly broken the law at some time, should we move these people on as well? or are we talking about double standards. We need to work with all cultures in our community in order to be more inclusive,

  51. To Cllr. Ed Rose: If you are a councillor I think the way you speak and write is not adequate. You are just showing that the only thing you read is the Daily Mail and that’s not good. On the other hand, about urinating and showing anti social behaviour by the travellers, I disagree but come on you can’t be that too offended because you only have to go to Bristol on a Friday and Saturday night to see the same done…but not by travellers….
    But as you are a good UKIP councillor I suppose it is acceptable for you as long as they are not travellers, foreigners, and a long etc….
    Enjoy while it last..:)!

  52. It’s gotten a little heated on here, which was a bit surprising, but the thoughts of both sides are, I guess understandable.

    At the outset, the view was that the travellers hadn’t broken any laws, and it was a civil issue. Having had the incidents at Aldi, the Hollow Tree pub, the theft of wood from a protected area, and the subsequent littering with associated nasties – I’m puzzled as to how many laws need to be broken before they become an issue in the eyes of the council and police.

    It’s all a bit disappointing and doesn’t show South Glos council in a great light. We’re a week in now, and seem to be no further forward in resolving things, despite there being known issues since they pitched up.

  53. Do you Bradley Stokers stop moaning? Do you people really care about a few happy campers minding their own business on public property? They seem to be respecting the environment (not leaving rubbish on the ground), they are not blocking traffic and I don’t think they are bothering anyone. People need to respect different ways of life and stop being so pathetic and angry about everything. I may be a good neighbour and take them some beer and hot dogs instead of being so hostile like y’all.

  54. Ryan, may I ask you how many travellers do you believe are acceptable then on Bradley Stoke Way? 10 vans? 20 vans? 30 vans?

    Is it OK if they stay there a month? Two months? A year?

    Do you mind them being able to break the law that you and I have to abide by?

    Do you mind them receiving benefits that come from our council tax and other taxable contributions yet they contribute absolutely zero?

    Will you be offering them the use of your lawn for a caravan or two and toilet whilst you are giving them beer?

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