Getting to know the new mayor: John Ashe

Cllr John Ashe, Mayor of Bradley Stoke 2014/15.

Councillor John Ashe was elected as the new mayor of Bradley Stoke on Wednesday 21st May, and he kindly found some time to answer a few of our questions, so that readers of The Journal could get to know him better.

John recalls moving to Bradley Stoke back in 1992, following the birth of his twin boys. He says the decision was based on the value and location of the house he bought, as it was close to schools and had good access to the road network, which was important as John’s work at the time involved travel around the South West.

The new mayor praised the Willow Brook Centre which provides many of the amenities required for a town of this size. John points out that even his mother has moved next door, having relocated from Redland after John’s father passed away. “I like Bradley Stoke so much,” John tells us, “and my mum says it’s the best move she made.”

We asked if there was anything the new mayor would like to see improved, and John mentioned “the problems we have with rush hour traffic”. He said that Bradley Stoke is a car focussed commuter town, being built between three motorways, but improvements are in the pipeline. Some examples include the new bus link connecting the Mall to Hengrove, and the new link road that will connect from the bottom of Bradley Stoke Way to the ring road by the UWE campus. The idea behind these improvements is that people will use public transport more, which he says “remains to be seen”.

As for his work with Bradley Stoke, John says he doesn’t have a specific project as things are constantly changing in the town and he likes “to get involved with everything.” The new mayor says he believes in treating people with the same respect we would like to receive, and this is his message. He also says that values that matter for a community such as ours is its sense of neighbourliness and safety.

John mentions that he and his wife Dawn have not even considered moving house, let alone relocating to a different area, because the layout, safety and amenities of the town fulfil their needs so well, with “churches and pubs dotted around, as a sign of a vibrant and thriving community”.

In his spare time, John enjoys golfing, although he doesn’t claim to be very good at it! He also enjoys growing vegetables, having thirty canes with runner beans in his back garden at the moment, as well as the usual greenhouse plants. The mayor says he is also open to “a good laugh” and enjoys going to Colston Hall for a bit of comedy once in a while.

Cllr John Ashe represents the Baileys Court parish ward on the town council, where he is the longest-serving current member (elected 2004). He is also a member of South Gloucestershire Council, one of two councillors representing Bradley Stoke South.

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Cllr John Ashe receives the chain of office from the outgoing Mayor.

Cllr John Ashe receives the chain of office from the outgoing mayor, Cllr Brian Hopkinson.

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  1. As mayor what’s he doing about travellers in his area that we pay council tax for and gravy price we pay and will we the residents be paying for the clean up if they ever get moved

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