Climate change workshop could lead to formation of group in Bradley Stoke

A local resident has organised a ‘Workshop on Preventing Climate Change’, to be held at Holy Trinity Church, Broad Croft, Bradley Stoke at 7.30pm on Monday 26th October.

Phil Kingston, of Grandparents for a Safe Earth, is inviting members of the public to attend the event, which will focus on the work of, an international organisation that campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

He hopes it will be an opportunity to share ideas about supporting the UN talks on Climate Change in Paris next month and to consider the possible formation of a group in Bradley Stoke and Patchway.

To sign up for this free event, go to and for more information, ring Phil on 0117 969 8198.

Phil writes:

“I am a 79-year-old grandfather who is deeply concerned about the world which scientists are telling us our descendants are likely to inherit, e.g. an increase in temperature above pre-industrial levels of four-and-a-half degrees Centigrade. I am organising this meeting on behalf of, which has the principal aim of keeping fossil fuels in the ground and thus limiting climate change. Its primary focus is to publicise the contribution of oil, coal and gas companies in causing climate change, and to promote the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency. I regard as probably the most effective international voluntary organisation in this field and my hope is that a group of people in the Bradley Stoke area will be motivated to promote its work here.”

“Why is this subject of climate change important, especially at this time? First of all, we are already seeing worldwide extremes of weather which are caused principally by an increase of CO2 in  the atmosphere and oceans. These extremes are arising, according to the Royal Society and the US Academy of Sciences, from an increase in temperature of less than one degree Centigrade above pre-industrial times. These storms, floods and droughts are interfering with food production and water supplies and are causing considerable damage to infrastructure. Secondly, the 21st UN Meeting on Climate Change is happening in five-weeks’ time in Paris and there is very little indication that governments worldwide are going to produce the necessary cuts in emissions. Thus there is still time to contact our MPs about this and then to build an ongoing base for keeping up pressure on government to take much more action to look after the safety of our descendants.”

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  1. @ SH – having read his misguided and completely inaccurate views on global warming…..oops, sorry, “climate change”, I suggest Mr Kingston pleads senility at his trial.

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