[Forum] Fireworks every night in Bradley Stoke


To whom it may concern:

I live in the BS32 0LW area of Bradley Stoke.

I want to make a complaint about the constant noise of fireworks being set off.

My family and my poor dog have been subject to this since Thursday evening and all over the weekend.

And it’s still going on!

I am a grandparent and understand that fireworks can be enjoyable and fun. However, not every night!

PLEASE let’s just keep it to one night only.


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  1. I quite agree I am fed up with them going off at all hours my dogs are terrified. Fireworks should only be allowed in organised displays.

  2. I love fireworks and my previous dogs actually enjoyed them too. The current dog is blind and not too keen. It’s a lot easier if the fireworks are for one night only (or two, if you include New Year’s Eve) Then people with nervous dogs can plan around it. I noticed they were selling leftover fireworks at Costco. This is hard for some people to resist. I don’t know how it would be enforced.

  3. I totally agree. I also have a dog that is terrified. They are never ending and a pain. I live not far from Patchway Common and they go on and on pretty much all night every night. If not restricted by date, then at least not past 9pm on a week day and 10pm on a weekend would not be unreasonable. Teenagers in the park let them off all hours which should be monitored and dealt with by the local police. I can’t be the only resident who complains about this and is fed up of feeling helpless. Bradley Stoke residents who feel as I do need to speak up so we can get something done about this.

  4. On a related note… could I ask that the barking is kept to a minimum as I’m finding it hard to hear the fireworks. You do know how long it takes for those plastic bags you like to wrap your dogs poop up too right? Sometimes the neighbours dog, who seems to be left to its own devices all day, just doesn’t stop barking, he only stops when I set off my fireworks. Its costing me a fortune just for some peace and quiet. There’s a wood pigeon living nearby which has a terrible attitude problem also, from the early hours through to the evening, cooing away. Sadly he’s not put off by fireworks or the barking dog. There was one day last week where it actually went quiet briefly, I went outside and guess what? The beating wings if a butterfly, unbelievable.. Thankfully the well thought out Remembrance activities at the Bradley Stoke retail park meant I could sit in the peace and tranquility of my own car for 40 minutes the other after whilst I tried, fruitlessly, to leave the car park.