Bradley Stoke Way lane closure to start on Monday morning

The westbound carriageway of Bradley Stoke Way at its junction with the Aztec West Roundabout.

MetroBus contractors Alun Griffiths Ltd have informed the Journal that a new full-time lane closure on Bradley Stoke Way will commence following the morning peak traffic period on Monday 14th November.

The closure of the nearside lane on the westbound approach to the Aztec West Roundabout is necessary to allow the construction of a new bus lane that will allow buses to by-pass the roundabout when making a left turn from Bradley Stoke Way onto the southbound A38.

The new lane closure, which is expected to last for several weeks, is likely to have a significant impact on traffic throughout Bradley Stoke during the morning peaks.

Work on this section of the MetroBus route has been delayed for several months due to the discovery of unchartered water and gas mains.

The reopening of the right-turn out of Woodlands Lane is dependent on the completion of the work on Bradley Stoke Way, due to the need to synchronise the traffic lights at the Woodlands Lane junction with those at the Aztec West Roundabout.

Griffiths say they still hope to have the Woodlands Lane junction fully reopened by Christmas, but warn that this is dependent on South Gloucestershire Council completing signalisation work within the same time frame.

Traffic management on approach to Aztec West Roundabout.

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  1. What are you doing about all the hedgerow and animal homes that have been destroyed for an extra lane? Will you be planting trees ?

  2. Can someone please find out from Griffiths what they are doing to mitigate this? Last night and this morning were misery for thousands of road users and I get the distinct impression that Griffiths could not give a damn! And this is due to be happening for the next 6 weeks! This is ruining peoples’ lives.

    We are now seeing queues going from Patchway Brook almost back to Tesco, and on Bowsland Way almost back to Bowsland Green Primary School. This is completely unacceptable, and all for a bit of road? How on earth can it take so long for some tarmac and new kerbs to be laid – it should only take a few days and quite frankly this work should be 24/7 to ensure it is completed as soon as possible.

    In terms of traffic mitigation, not that Griffiths care, but… why is the run down to Patchway Brook roundabout from Aztec West single lane all the way to the zebra crossing? Please remove the cones so that the road widens – this will alleviate traffic from Woodlands Lane and Aztec West for the many people stuck on this bit of road who want to go left or straight at the Patchway Brook roundabout.

    Something needs to be done as I dont think people can take 6 weeks of this.

  3. Went out at 7.40 this morning to the usual jam up to Aztec roundabout on my wat to Southmead Hospital. I returned at 10AM and the traffic was worse. BrookWay,Bradley Stoke Way,Bowsland Way and Pear Tree Road all solid.Queing on Aztec Roundabout as well stopping traffic from continuing down the A38!
    Tip if you can delay your journey until 12.15 PM its all clear.
    If like me you live of Woodlands Lane to get to Tesco I use Trench Lane,Old Gloucester Road up the Dual carrigeway to Rabbit Roundabout ant get there that way.I go back the same way. Longer but more economic for me. My car does 13mpg in traffic and about 22mpg when moving. Yes its an ecounscious4ltr V8.
    Long diatrbe I know but why oh why no 24 hr working think of those who have to endure this to get to work and back and how they must feel facing that every day?

  4. We live in Ottrells Mead and took half an hour to get out of Pear Tree Road this morning and onto Brook Way to drive to work. Unacceptable! Cycling is not possible at the moment either as I have to drop my 1 year old off at nursery on route and leave the pushchair there for my partner to pick him back up on her way home from work.

  5. I sympaththise with you Jacqui. I live in Warren Close and at times traffic is backed up alonng Foxfield Avenue and some Motorists will even block me from even turning into my close let alone out of it. All this congestion seems to have had the effect of some motorists forgetting common courtesy.

  6. Drivers are now recklessly overtaking long queues of traffic on Bowsland Way on the wrong side of the road, then going onto the roundabout via the wrong side and pushing in recklessly. Down Bradley Stoke Way, you find there are cars doing three point turns to get out of the queue right in your path – it’s absolute mayhem. Some drivers are moving the cones themselves!

  7. There are some simple things that could be done that would enable better traffic flow during the road works. 1. Southbound on Bradley Stoke Way as it approaches Patchway Brook R/A (bottom of Peartree Road) move the cones on the nearside so that there are two lanes down to the R/A from almost Cannons Gate. Thus those wishing to carry on down BS Way can do so. 2. Northbound on BS Way after Woodlands Lane, be creative with the barriers to have two lanes N/B at Woodlands Lane and stretch to three lanes as soon as possible – this could be “rush hour only” and moved back when required by the Contractors.
    I agree some standards of driving are very poor but that is matched by the management of the traffic during these appallingly slow road works.

  8. I agree with the above two posts.Civility and tolerance by motorists and common sence by the contractors seem to be in short supply.

    For the reckless “Remember it is not only cars that can be recalled by their maker!”

  9. Don’t worry folks. It’s going to get much better. They’re going to build thousands more houses right in the middle of it all. I know of several people who are now looking to move jobs away from the North Fringe. Just fed up with it all. For me and the thousands of other commuters from Severnside and South Wales a simple train service to Patchway and Filton from a park and ride at Pilning would help. But they’ve just demolished the footbridge so trains can only stop in one direction. Not that any trains stop there anyway. So much for public transport. In the morning rush around 3000 vehicles per hour from South Wales and Severnside are pumped into the North Fringe by the M4 alone…….. All of them pass within a mile of the disused station at Pilning………

  10. Update from Metrobus

    We have had to close the nearside filter lane on the approach to Aztec West Roundabout to create a new bus lane. This has had a significant impact on the flow of traffic through Aztec West Roundabout leading to congestion on Bradley Stoke Way, Patchway Brook Roundabout and the link road between the M5 and Aztec West. The congestion is especially bad during the morning and evening peak periods.

    Unfortunately there are no alternatives to the existing traffic measures.

    There is a large hole in the ground on the approach to Aztec West Roundabout from Bradley Stoke Way and removing any of the restrictions would compromise the safety of both motorists and workers. We are well aware of the impact that this is having on people’s lives and businesses and our contactors are working seven days a week in an attempt to complete the work ahead of schedule.

    To help ease the problem, the traffic signals on Aztec West Roundabout have already been amended to help traffic flow.

    The nearside filter lane on the approach to Aztec West is expected to be out of use until week commencing 19th December. At this point all approach roads to the Aztec West Roundabout will be opened and the roundabout will function normally.

    As for the approach to Patchway Brook Roundabout, we had to cone off one of the lanes for safety reasons. When it was two lanes, traffic was approaching the roundabout too fast and swapping lanes at the last minute. This nearly led to several collisions with pedestrians and cyclists as they attempted to use the zebra crossing.

    The MetroBus work in the Bradley Stoke area is rapidly coming to a conclusion and we are asking all residents and commuters to bear with us during this last phase of construction. We know it’s bad and causing a lot of bad feeling, but please be assured that we are doing all that we can to complete our road improvements and remove the traffic restrictions as quickly as possible.

  11. Quote “There is a large hole in the ground on the approach to Aztec West Roundabout from Bradley Stoke Way and removing any of the restrictions would compromise the safety of both motorists and workers.”
    Well fill the thing in then!
    “and underneath it is the Councillor with the Bowler hat”
    (apologies to Bernard Cribbins)

  12. No one asked for the Metrobus, no one wanted the Metrobus and you can absolutely guarantee that no one will use it having been subjected to 18 months of this, that included myself, my family, friends and coworkers whose quality of live has been so damaged by this fiasco.

  13. Cllr Paul Hardwick – this is not good enough or acceptable. I suggest you have a look at Jack Lopresti’s Facebook page to see how angry people are about this fiasco! We don’t need a cut and paste bleedin obvious explanation of how they have caused this mess we need action from them, you , South Glos Council and Jack Lopresti to get it sorted quick!

  14. “As for the approach to Patchway Brook Roundabout, we had to cone off one of the lanes for safety reasons. When it was two lanes, traffic was approaching the roundabout too fast and swapping lanes at the last minute. This nearly led to several collisions with pedestrians and cyclists as they attempted to use the zebra crossing.”

    What a load of rubbish. It was two lanes long before these unnecessary roadworks for a white elephant project. There is no reason why you cannot at least move the cones back 5-10m to where the two Lane road markings begin. Even this would alleviate a bit of congestion.

  15. Agree with all the above, one can only hope these comments are read and action taken this week! As for myself, I will never set foot on this white elephant, although from what I read no companies want to run it anyway!

  16. Totally agree with Messers Hunt and Kerr, council heads should roll for this one. I am fortunate to work from home but most Bradley Stokeians have no choice, my neighbour is already contemplating a move to Devon!

  17. The pictures above suggest that when 1 lane approaching to Aztec round about will be closed, remaining two lanes will be extended. The builders have closed one lane but didn’t extend the two lanes which is major cause of the problems.
    Also as suggested by others builders or some project manager can be a bit more creative and move the traffic cones around to create extra lane. There is no need to provide parking on such a congested road where thousands are sufferring hours of delays.

  18. And why has it taken so long to open up the pedestrian crossings around Pear Tree roundabout? If they want us to cut down on car use they should make it easier and safer to cross the roads as a pedestrian.

  19. Please can we see an immediate end to this chaotic traffic jam. I am exhausted through waking up every day to find the same scene outside my window of queuing traffic and more so the fact that my family are amongst those that are trapped in this dreadful build up of traffic. With all the education in this country I am sure one of our specialist engineers could have planned this event in a more practical way.

    We want and need it sorted now please.

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