Another year of “excellent” GCSE results at BSCS

Photo of top performing GCSE students at Bradley Stoke Community School.

Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) students are celebrating another excellent set of GCSE results. The results come quick on the heels of the school’s inspection by Ofsted in May, which saw it rated ‘good’ in four of the areas measured and ‘outstanding’ in two.

A number of subject areas have performed exceptionally well – 70 percent of students achieved the government’s Basics measure in English and maths, with 87 percent of students in English achieving grade 4s or above and 72 percent grade 5s and above, both significantly above national averages. Student outcomes in science were excellent too, even with the significantly more challenging new curriculum. Here, 80 percent of students achieved a grade 4 or above and 53 percent were awarded a grade 5 or above, both well above national averages.

BSCS headteacher Steve Moir, commented:

“I’m absolutely thrilled for our students that their immense hard work has paid off to produce another brilliant year of results.”

“There are so many success stories, not just from the individuals in the spotlight for achieving the top grades, but for every young person who has surpassed their own personal targets and made remarkable progress, sometimes in very challenging circumstances.”

“This success is also the result of the dedication of our amazing staff, as well as the parents and families of our young people who do so much to help and support us.”

“Huge congratulations to all concerned. We wish students every success for the future.”

Olympus Academy Trust chief executive officer Dave Baker commented:

“BSCS has demonstrated yet again the kind of strong performance that saw it named the top performing school in South Gloucestershire in 2017 based on progress measures. This has been achieved within the context of the new format GCSEs, with new courses and specifications, which has presented additional challenges for staff and students. Well done to all our young people.”

Outstanding individual performances

  • Maya Thomas 6Gr9, 2Gr8, 1A*, 1A, 1Gr7
  • Ethan Buckler 3Gr9, 5Gr8, 1Gr7, 1A, 1Gr5
  • Dina Salsabila Ghassani 3Gr9, 6Gr8, 1A*, 1Gr6
  • Minahil Javed 3Gr9, 4Gr8, 2A, 1Gr7, 1Gr6
  • Amy Price 3Gr9, 4Gr8, 2A*, 2Gr7
  • Mia Vindel 2Gr9, 6Gr8, 1Gr7, 2A
  • Eleanore Osafo 3Gr9, 4Gr8, 1Gr7, 2A, 1Gr6
  • Megan Jones 2Gr9, 2Gr8, 2Gr7, 1A*, 1A, 3Gr6
  • Ethan Moore 4Gr8, 1Dis*, 1Gr7, 2A, 2Gr6s, 1B
  • Kelvin Owusu-Antwi 1Gr9, 2Gr8, 3Gr7, 1A, 3Gr6, 1B
  • Ben Reeves 1Gr9, 3Gr8, 2Gr7, 2Gr6, 2B, 1Gr5
  • Harley Axe 4Gr8, 3Gr7, 1Gr6, 2B
  • Adriana Vasileva 2Gr9, 2Gr8, 2A, 1Gr7, 1Gr6, 1B, 2Gr5
  • Smriti Kumar 4Gr8, 1A*, 2Gr7, 3Gr6, 1B
  • Nicholas Sequeiros-Engel 3Gr8, 3Gr7, 2A, 2Gr6, 1C, 1Gr5

Photo (l-r): Minahil Javed, Mia Vindel, Maya Thomas, Cllr Toby Savage (leader, South Gloucestershire Council), Amy Price, Dave Baker (CEO, Olympus Academy Trust), Ben Reeves, Dina Salsabila Ghassani, Steve Moir (headteacher), Kelvin Owusu-Antwi and Emma Rogers (raising standards leader: Year 11). [View hi-res on Facebook]

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