Mum launches petition for safer road crossing

Photo of Esther Huke guiding children and parents over the uncontrolled crossing point.
Esther Huke guides children and parents over the uncontrolled crossing point.

A local mum has launched an online petition calling on South Gloucestershire Council to install a zebra crossing on Brook Way, between its junctions with Merryweather Close and Dewfalls Drive.

Photo of Esther Huke, dressed as a lollipop lady.
Esther Huke.

Esther Huke says the current uncontrolled crossing point at this location is dangerous to use because the road is very busy, particularly during the times of the ‘school run’, and vehicles do not stop to allow people to cross. More generally, this section of Brook Way has a high accident rate, with two traffic island bollards and a road sign having being knocked over by vehicles within the last month.

The crossing point is well used by children walking to the nearby Wheatfield Primary School, but also by members the general public heading to and from the Willow Brook shopping centre.

Esther says she would like to allow her 11-year-old daughter the independence to walk to school on her own but doesn’t feel she can due to the risks posed by the current crossing.

In addition to launching the petition, which has attracted over 200 signatures, Esther has been raising awareness of the issue by dressing as a lollipop lady, complete with a homemade stop/go board. Although she says she has found drivers “more respectful” when she is there is help people cross, there was one occasion when a car was approaching a speed and she wasn’t sure it was going to stop.

She also points out that it is not just schoolchildren and their parents who are at risk as the crossing is used by many elderly and disabled people throughout the day.

Although her petition calls for a zebra crossing to be installed, she says that a light-controlled crossing would be preferable. A raised table crossing, like the one further up Brook Way near the Wheatfield Drive junction “wouldn’t really help as you still need to wait for cars to stop”.

The petition has been advertised in the Wheatfield Primary School newsletter and on the ‘friends’ Facebook page. It was also scheduled to be discussed at a meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council’s planning committee on 27th March after a councillor became aware of it via a Facebook post.

The online petition can be found on the website: Make crossing our road safer going to School by putting in a Zebra Crossing

See also: Map showing location of the crossing point

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Postscipt (9th April 2019)

Minuted outcome of discussion at Bradley Stoke Town Council’s planning committee on 27th March:

Councillors advised the resident to get the support of the local schools to link in with the schools’ travel plans.

Following discussion, Councillor Andy Ward proposed that BSTC submit a Highway Investigation Scheme form (requesting a pedestrian crossing in this vicinity) to South Gloucestershire Council, seconded by Councillor Elaine Hardwick, carried unanimously.

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