CCTV zone set up near Jubilee Centre

Composite image showing a 'CCTV Zone' sign and a general street view in Savages Wood Road.

South Gloucestershire Council has deployed a temporary CCTV camera on Savages Wood Road, near the Jubilee Centre. The camera’s installation was requested by the local police team to support the prevention and detection of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and to assist in the identification of anyone taking part in such activities. The move was supported by the police neighbourhood inspector and the council’s ASB and community safety team leader.

The temporary camera is expected to be in place for a period of three months, with the ongoing need being reviewed at regular intervals.

The council’s deployable CCTV cameras are not proactively monitored. Pre-recorded footage is reviewed reactively as and when incidents are reported to the ASB team via the police or members of the public.

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