Stone ‘happiness snake’ just keeps on growing!

Children from a local school have created a ‘happiness snake’ along the side of a local footpath to cheer people up during the current coronavirus emergency.

Located near the Ellicks Close footbridge (a.k.a. the tank bridge) in Bradley Stoke’s Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve, the colourful snake was created by Year 3 pupils at the nearby Bowsland Green Primary School.

Photo of the head of the 'happiness snake'.
Head of the ‘happiness snake’.

It is formed of a continuous line of painted pebbles and rocks, many of them decorated with rainbows or hearts and messages in support of key workers.

A notice on display at the site asks members of the public to add their own stones to the installation and share a photo on social media using the hashtag #TeamBGSnake.

Photo showing three colourfully painted stones in the body of the 'happiness snake'.
Colourfully painted stones in the body of the ‘happiness snake’.

When it was started on 20th May 2020, the snake consisted of just six rocks, but the number has since grown to over 500, stretching out over tens of metres along the path downstream of the bridge.

Photo of the tail of the 'happiness snake'.
Tail of the ‘happiness snake’.

More photos: Google Photos

Where to find the happiness snake

Location map: Google Maps

From the Willow Brook Centre (Tesco Extra) cross Bradley Stoke Way at the north-most toucan crossing and turn left, following the path as it drops down and turns right into the nature reserve. Keep straight on through the woods and down the hill until reaching the ‘tank bridge’ over Patchway Brook. Cross the bridge and turn right. You should now see the head of the ‘snake’ on the right side of the path.

Photo of a notice posted near the 'happiness snake'.
Notice posted near the ‘happiness snake’.

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Update (14th July 2020): A new home for the ‘snake’

Statement posted today on the Facebook page of the Willow Brook Centre:

We have loved watching the colourful stones snake their way into the nature reserve during lockdown.

The chain now has over 500 painted stones, after being started by Year 3 children at Bowsland Green School and then added to by the community.

We have been talking with Friends of Bowsland Green recently and will soon be working with them to relocate the stones to the garden/seating area at Willow Brook, behind [the] Giant [store].

Here, we will embed the stones in a new, permanent, pathway to preserve them and the memories of lockdown for years to come.

Update (6th August 2020): Bedding in at the Willow Brook Centre

Photo of the 'happiness snake' being bedded in its new home at the Willow Brook Centre.
The ‘happiness snake’ being bedded in its new home at the Willow Brook Centre.

Check the location map (link above) to see the precise location of the snake’s new home.

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