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Online and in print, we are Bradley Stoke’s number one independent news source.

The Bradley Stoke Journal Magazine

The Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine is delivered NEAR-MONTHLY* to ALL 8,700 homes in Bradley Stoke, a town within the northern fringe of Bristol.

A further 500 copies of the magazine are placed at public locations in Almondsbury, Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Stoke Lodge and Winterbourne. These locations include community centres, libraries, schools, doctors’ surgeries, dental surgeries, pubs and takeaways.

Total monthly distribution: 9,200 copies

* Nine issues per year; no magazine published in May, August or December.

What people are saying about the magazine

“I am really impressed, it’s a fantastic read. Really positive, informative and genius issues of local interest.”
Scott, Manager, Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke

“Brilliant publication. Advert has paid for itself!”
Phil, Concept Property Maintenance (advertiser)

“We have found the advert with you to be very successful and we’d like to renew for a year, please”
Guy, Rosie Posie Pet Services (advertiser)

March 2020 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine. February 2020 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine. January 2020 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine. November/December 2019 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine. October 2019 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine. September 2019 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine. July/August 2019 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine. June 2019 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal news magazine.

Find out more about advertising in our magazine: Bradley Stoke Journal Magazine

N.B. The remainder of the information on this webpage relates to advertising on our website.

The Bradley Stoke Journal Website

Bradley Stoke, Bristol - Google Analytics

Welcome to Bradley Stoke’s no.1 advertising medium!

Looking to advertise your business to the 20,000+ population of Bradley Stoke? The Bradley Stoke Journal is the only online newspaper that exclusively serves this town.

We know Bradley Stoke inside out – its people, its politicians, its sports clubs, its youth groups, its businesses. What we don’t know about Bradley Stoke isn’t worth knowing!

This website has run over 1,000 news stories and published more than 600 pages of community information since it was launched in early 2008.

More than eight years on, the site now regularly attracts more than 40,000 pageviews a month, from more than 13,000 unique visitors (verified by Google Analytics).

With prices starting from just £5 per month and no option costing more than £60 a month, what are you waiting for? Give us a call NOW on 01454 300 400 or drop us an email.

Advertise in Bradley Stoke - Homepage

Advertise in Bradley Stoke

Today’s consumer is seeking news and information at the press of a button and is no longer prepared to seek out that dusty town directory or advertising booklet from the back of the drawer (assuming it wasn’t thrown away as junk mail).

Your customers are now online, many of them every hour of the day. Thousands are joining them every month. You need to be there too!

The Bradley Stoke Journal offers a comprehensive and flexible range of advertising opportunities that include:

  • Banner adverts
  • Sponsored articles
  • Sponsored pages
  • Competition management
  • Reader offers
  • Business showcase pages
  • Google Adwords
  • News feed integration
  • Free directory listing

Unlike some other local advertisers, we don’t insist on a long-term commitment. With us, you can “pay as you go”.

Looking to advertise within the wider North Bristol area? For a small supplement, we can also run your advertising on our other websites in Filton, Patchway and Stoke Gifford. Please ask for details.

Looking for a local leaflet delivery service? Our partner BS Distribution Services can deliver your A5 leaflet to all 8,650 homes in Bradley Stoke for just £200!

Banner Adverts

Examples of banner placements:

NEW! Slots A, B & C – Extra Sidebar

A 180 x 270 pixel (maximum) banner that appears:

  • in the ‘extra sidebar’ on the right-hand side of every page

Impressions per month: approx 40,000

Advertise WIth Us - Extra Sidebar (Right)

Further slots D, E & F (beneath A, B & C) available on request.

Slot 0 – Top of homepage

A 468 x 60 or 468 x 90 pixel banner that appears:

  • At the top of the home page

Impressions per month: approx 10,000

Slot 1 – Homepage

A 468 x 300 pixel (maximum) banner that appears:

  • after the first story on the homepage

Impressions per month: approx 10,000

Slot 2 – Sidebar

A 180 x 180 pixel (maximum) banner that appears:

  • In the sidebar of every page, below the subscription icons

Sold in one-fifth shares (each share having a random 1 in 5 chance of appearing on any given page view)

Impressions per month: approx 8,000 per one-fifth share

Slot 3 – Sidebar

A 180 x 270 pixel (maximum) banner that appears:

  • in the sidebar of every page, below the Recent Comments section)

Impressions per month: approx 40,000

Slot 4 – Foot of internal pages

A 728 x 250 pixel (maximum) banner that appears:

  • at the bottom of every internal page (but NOT the homepage)

Impressions per month: approx 30,000

Slot 5 – Foot of homepage

A 728 x 250 pixel (maximum) banner that appears:

  • at the bottom of the homepage (does not appear on internal pages)

Impressions per month: approx 10,000

Slot 6 – Homepage

A 468 x 300 pixel (maximum) banner that appears:

  • after the second or third story on the homepage

Impressions per month: approx 10,000

Slot 7 – Appended to content of internal pages

A 468 x 300 pixel or 300 x 250 banner that appears:

  • at the bottom of every internal page (but NOT the homepage), directly after the page content

Impressions per month: approx 30,000

Slot 8 – Internal pages

A 468 x 60 or 468 x 90 pixel banner that appears:

  • At the top of every internal page

Impressions per month: approx 30,000

Which slot is best for your business?

If you are advertising a time-limited event or offer, we would suggest taking a slot with a 100% impression rate for one month. Slot 0 has maximum prominence, being above the first news article on the home page; it can be combined with slot 8 to give coverage across all pages. Slots 1, 3 and the A/B/C & D/E/F groups give the greatest number of impressions.

If you are looking to increase brand awareness or have a long-term marketing aim, slot 2 (with a 20% impression rate per share) can be taken for a longer period of six months.

Sponsored Articles

We can publish a sponsored news article (advertorial) about your business, which will appear in our standard news flow, i.e. syndicated in our RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds. The article must be about some newsworthy event (e.g. opening of a new branch, publicising a special event or discount, availability of new services etc.). It will be clearly designated as an “advertising feature”, in accordance with industry best practice.

Examples of recent sponsored articles that we have run:

Guidelines for writing a sponsored article:

  • Your article should be written in the third person and answer the questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why?
  • It should be at least 200 words in length; there is no upper limit.
  • We require all our articles to have at least one photo or logo (please supply images as separate files). You are welcome to use more. We can use “lighbox” technology to pop-up full size images (up to A5 size) from a reduced size version.
  • When the article appears on the home page or on an archive page, it will have a “read more link” after the first 200 words (approx), so you should include the most important aspects of your article within those 200 words.

A sponsored article will continue to work for you indefinitely, long after it has been published, through its presence in search engine results.

Sponsored Pages

You can sponsor one of the directory or information pages on our website. Many of these pages are top-ranked on Google for searches of the form “<some service> Bradley Stoke”. If your business is a good match for the information on the page, you can tap into the potential of pre-qualified high-relevance visitors. Sponsorship of a page entitles you to a large banner towards the top of the page and top position in any directory listing on the page.

Examples of sponsored pages in our Town Guide:

Competition Management

Have you thought of promoting your business through a consumer competition or prize draw? We can manage the whole process for you, from the design of a dedicated competition entry page to promotion of your competition through sponsored articles, banner adverts and social media marketing.

Example of a recent consumer competition managed by The Journal:

Reader Offers

If you are able to offer our readers an exclusive deal on your company’s products or services, we will give you a discount on our standard advertising rates (subject to negotiation).

Business Showcase Pages

We can provide you with a dedicated page in the Business Showcase section of our website, where your can describe the services provided by your business. This option is geared towards companies that don’t have their own website but can also be used by those that do, in order to provide a message that is customised for the target area of Bradley Stoke.

Examples of business showcase pages:

Google Adwords

Bradley Stoke, Bristol - Google Adsense

We run Google Adsense banners throughout our website, so if your business uses the Google Adwords pay-per-click programme, you can target your  adverts to our website. We have defined specific custom channels for the following slots:

  • Top of homepage (486 x 60 pixels)
  • Footer on homepage (728 x 90 pixels)
  • Jobs page (486 x 60 pixels)

We would be happy to define custom channels for any other pages you might wish to target.

Newsfeed Integration

We can integrate messages from your newsfeeds (RSS, Facebook, Twitter) into our pages. If you are already generating a news feed using one of these methods, this is a great way of getting wider exposure for your business with zero extra effort.

Here’s an example of a Facebook ‘like box’ containing messages from a local business’s Facebook page:

Note: The above ‘like box’ will not display correctly if you are logged into Facebook as a page admin.

We can insert your Facebook or Twitter messages anywhere on our website – mock-ups provided on request.

With prices starting from just £5 per month and no option costing more than £60 a month, what are you waiting for? Give us a call NOW on 01454 300 400 or drop us an email.

Social Media – Sponsored Sharing

We offer a ‘sponsored sharing’ service, whereby we agree to ‘share’ selected messages that you put out on your business’s own Facebook page or Twitter feed on The Journal’s respective Facebook or Twitter stream. This is a great way to increase the reach of your important messages, with very little extra effort on your part. Please ask for more details and pricing.

Free Directory Listing

Local companies are entitled to a free basic listing in our Town Guide. An entry can include:

  • Name of business
  • One line (approx 60 characters) description of services offered
  • Address (if applicable)
  • Telephone number
  • Website address (if applicable)

Free entries are provided at the Editor’s discretion and we may ask you to reciprocate the favour, e.g. by including a link to the Bradley Stoke Journal on your website or Facebook page.

Send us your details now via our Contact Us page!

Technical Information

Banner sizes

Teaser advert

Please take note of the pixel dimensions specified for each slot. A large graphic that you have used in another publications may become unreadable when shrunk down to fit in one of the smaller slots. If you need help, please call us for a chat.

It is possible to accommodate larger graphics (up to A5) by linking to a dedicated page from a smaller “teaser” banner. Click the banner on the right to see an example. The destination may also be a PDF file.


If you wish to design your own artwork, even if it’s just a mock-up, we can supply templates of the standard banner sizes on request.

If you are unable to provide your own artwork for advertising banners, we can provide a professional design service (ask for details). Prices start from £20.

Website Statistics

Bradley Stoke, Bristol - Google Analytics

Please don’t be afraid to ask for more details of our website statistics, verified by Google Analytics. We’re proud of them and are happy to share data with genuinely interested advertisers.

Example Banners from Current and Recent Advertisers

Banner size 468 x 60 pixels

Colston’s School

Colston's School

Harvester Bradley Stoke


Argos Bradley Stoke

Argos Bradley Stoke - opening soon

Banner size 468 x 90 pixels

The Mortgage Market

The Mortgage Market, Bradley Stoke

Castle and Marlwood schools

Castle and Marlwood schools.

Banner size 468 x 312

Kumon Bradley Stoke


Banner size 180 x 180 pixels

Kudos Group

Kudos Group

Bristol Trading Post

Bristol Trading Post

Banner size 180 x 270 pixels

Oasis Driving School

Oasis Driving School.

Courtyard Offices

Courtyard Offices.

Capacity is limited. Phone us NOW on 01454 300 400 to reserve your slot!

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Bradley Stoke Journal 6 & 11-year anniversary (2019).
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