Sarah Churchill – World Record Skydive Attempt

Sarah Churchill - SkydiverSarah Churchill, a local Bradley Stoke resident is to take a very daring plunge and become a World Record Holder in Skydiving.

The 24 year old has been practising since 2006 to achieve the dizzy heights of being accepted onto an all female World Record team called Jump for the Cause. This team consists of 175 of the best female Skydivers in the World coming together to make a formation which will be the World’s largest to date. The team’s aims, apart from the World Record, will be to raise $1 million for Breast Cancer Care.

Brit Chicks Skydiving TeamThe formation is performed from approx 19,000 feet from 8 separate aircraft flying in formation over the landscape of Perris, California next September. The girls will have to use oxygen as it is above a normal air level. They will all leave the planes at the same time and have about 60 seconds to all fly to their pre-rehearsed slots and take grips or ‘hold hands’. This will take many attempts and you can view all the up to date news at

Sarah Churchill, Sky DiverSarah, who has completed over 500 ‘jumps’ to date, has been visiting many countries for practice dives, including training with the World’s best coaches, even as far as California to get used to the landing area before the big event. Sarah is graciously asking for local companies and individuals to sponsor this fantastic historical event. All training and trips away has been self funded and we are trying to make awareness of this local girl to be supported.

Sarah comments ‘We want to raise every penny for the charity and we are approaching all companies to donate Wines, Vouchers, Hampers, Gym Memberships, anything that we can raffle off for the charity. We have 30 members from the UK to fly out to California in September and any help will be very much appreciated. We all work full time to pay for our jumps and trips and this is a truly special event that businesses can get involved with… thank you to everyone.’

Sarah Churchill - Skydiver

Donations and questions can be raised directly to Sarah by email at or by calling 07519 123947.

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