2015 General Election

The Parliamentary Constituency of Filton and Bradley Stoke

Filton and Bradley Stoke (FABS) is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament.

The seat was first created by the Boundary Commission for the 2010 general election. It was formed by taking parts of the Bristol North West, Kingswood and Northavon constituencies.

The electoral wards used to create the seat in time for the 2010 election were: Almondsbury, Bradley Stoke South, Bradley Stoke Central & Stoke Lodge, Bradley Stoke North, Downend, Filton, Frenchay & Stoke Park, Patchway, Pilning and Severn Beach, Staple Hill, Stoke Gifford and Winterbourne – all in the South Gloucestershire (unitary) district.

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The election

Election day is Thursday 7th May 2015.

The full list of candidates will be published on Thursday 9th April 2015.

The South Gloucestershire district elections and the Bradley Stoke town elections are being held on the same day.

The deadline for voter registration is Monday 20th April 2015. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote, please contact the SGC helpline on 01454 863030.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

More info:


  • Ian Boulton (Labour) 13,082 votes
  • Peter Bruce (Liberal Democrats) 3,581 votes
  • Jack Lopresti (Conservative) 22,920 votes ELECTED
  • Ben Walker (UKIP) 7,261 votes
  • Diana Warner (Green Party) 2,257 votes

Turnout: 69.0%

The candidates

Ian Boulton (Labour)

Ian Boulton, Labour candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke.

Cllr Boulton lives in the constituency in Staple Hill, which is the ward he represents on the South Gloucestershire Council. He was also the Labour candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke in the 2010 general election, when Labour came second.

In a statement issued following his selection in October 2014, Cllr Boulton said: “I am so aware that our residents really want an MP who will work for them in Parliament, promote our local interests and deal with our concerns. It would be a privilege to work to ensure all our residents have an MP who is keen to give them a voice in Westminster.”

Read more: Ian Boulton chosen as Labour’s 2015 general election candidate

Website: Ian Boulton – Labour
Twitter: @IanBoulton
Facebook: Ian for Fabs

Peter Bruce (Liberal Democrat)

Peter Bruce, Liberal Democrat candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke.

Peter Bruce has a background in science and engineering, having previously worked for local firms such as Airbus, and is now involved in a number of local voluntary groups.   He has a particular interest in environmental sustainability and is already campaigning for improved public transport links for people who live and work around this part of South Gloucestershire.

Speaking after his selection in February 2015, Mr Bruce said: “I am very pleased to be chosen as the Liberal Democrat candidate to seek the support of the people of Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency to serve and represent them. I have my roots in the constituency area and love its diversity with much to celebrate and preserve in its green spaces, sympathetic architecture, communities and industry. However, the global and local challenges we face will need new creative partnership solutions for the benefit of all.”

Read more: Pete Bruce chosen as Lib Dem candidate for 2015 general election

Website: Filton and Bradley Stoke Liberal Democrats
Twitter: @petebruce4

Jack Lopresti (Conservative)

Jack Lopresti, MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke.

Born in Southmead Hospital in August 1969, Mr Lopresti has lived and worked in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area all his life. He lives locally in Filton with his wife, Lucy. The couple have three children.

On leaving school, he worked in his family’s ice cream and catering business. He then worked in the financial services and residential property sectors.

Mr Lopresti served with 29 Commando RA as a mobilized reservist for a year and, in the autumn/winter of 2008-9, he was deployed to Helmand Province in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 9.

Outlining his priorities for a possible second term as the local MP, Mr Lopresti commented: “Defence of the Realm is the most important duty of any Government and it will remain my highest priority.”

“As a veteran I will continue to represent and work for veterans’ interests in the House of Commons and here locally.”

“If fortunate enough to be re-elected, I will continue to work to ensure that Filton and Bradley Stoke remains at the heart of Britain’s defence industry – delivering investment, manufacturing and high tech jobs.”

Read more: Jack Lopresti commences re-election campaign

Website: Jack Lopresti MP
Twitter: @reelectJack2015

Ben Walker (UKIP)

Cllr Ben Walker lives in Bradley Stoke and represents the Bradley Stoke North ward on South Gloucestershire Council. He is also a town councillor in Bradley Stoke.

Cllr Ben Walker.

Speaking after his selection in January 2014, Cllr Walker said: “I’m honoured to have been selected as the Filton and Bradley Stoke UKIP candidate and will continue to work for people across the constituency and South Gloucestershire. Our branch continues to grow from strength to strength as does our public support and we look to contest as many South Gloucestershire Council seats as possible.”

“People want change as they have been consistently let down by successive parties; we are that change with the representation of people at our core.”

Read more: Ben Walker chosen to fight 2015 general election for UKIP

Website: Ben Walker – UKIP
Twitter: @cllrbenwalker

Diana Warner (Green)

Dr Diana Warner, Green Party candidate for the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency in the 2015 General Election.

Dr Warner lives in Filton and has two adult children. A staunch supporter of the NHS and motivated by improving the health of all, Dr Warner chose a career path as a general practitioner, amassing 25 years of local practice experience. She is currently working in a maternity cover role with the Stoke Gifford & Conygre Medical Centre.

Speaking after her selection, Dr Warner said: “I have decided to stand as MP because I see increasing hardship among all the people I serve. This is due to huge financial inequality, as today the very rich get richer. Those with middle incomes are facing reduction in their wealth and increased working hours and insecurity. Poorer people are having to manage biting austerity. The Green Party is determined to change this. If money is shared more equally we can all benefit from modern technology and innovation and we can all make the choices that will help us to live well.”

Read more: Diana Warner chosen to fight 2015 general election for The Greens

Website: Diana Warner – Green Party
Twitter: DWarnerGreens
Facebook: Diana Warner – Green Party

Bradley Stoke Journal magazine ‘general election special’

On the Campaign Trail articles by the five candidates (published in our April and May editions)

Debates, hustings and interviews

Tuesday 31st March, studio debate on BBC Radio Bristol

Listen again (for 30 days): http://bbc.in/1JAA6Ix

Topics covered: Housing, Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood, binge drinking and transport.

Sunday 12th April, hustings at Bradley Stoke Community School

Election Forum in Bradley Stoke on Sunday 12th April 2015.

Read more: Church gives local people a chance to grill their major party candidates

Listen to the debate: http://bit.ly/fabsef2015 (Bridge Community Church)


Electoral Calculus

See: Electoral Calculus – Filton and Bradley Stoke

7th May 2015 (predicted CON majority of 7.4%)

Predicted election result for the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency (by Electoral Calculus 2015-05-07).

Earlier predictions:


Sky Bet

  • 7th May 2015: 1/4 CON, 3/1 LAB, 50/1 LIB, 66/1 UKIP, 125/1 GRN


  • 20th Mar 2015: 2/9 CON, 10/3 LAB, 50/1 LIB, 50/1 UKIP, 100/1 GRN
  • 25th Feb 2015: 1/4 CON, 3/1 LAB, 33/1 LIB, 50/1 UKIP
  • 9th Oct 2014:  1/3 CON, 9/4 LAB, 33/1 LIB, 50/1 UKIP

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