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Welcome to The Journal’s guide to doctors serving the town of Bradley Stoke.

Advice from the NHS Choices website:

Doctors (who are also called general practitioners or GPs) look after the health of people in their local community and deal with a whole range of health problems. They also give health education and advice on things like smoking and diet, run clinics, give vaccinations and carry out simple surgical operations.

Every individual living lawfully and on a settled basis in the UK has a right to be registered with a local doctors’ surgery and visits to the surgery are free.

A full list of doctors serving your local area can be found using the Services Directory on the NHS Choices website.

If you can’t find a doctors’ surgery that will accept you as a patient, you should contact NHS South Gloucestershire for advice.

NHS Practices in Bradley Stoke

Bradley Stoke Surgery, Bradley Stoke, BristolBradley Stoke Surgery
Brook Way
Bradley Stoke
BS32 9DS
Tel: 01454 616262
Website: Bradley Stoke Surgery
Latest Friends Group Newsletter: Spring 2010

NHS Practices near Bradley Stoke

The Stokes Medical Centre, Little Stoke, BristolConcord Medical Centre
(formerly The Stokes Medical Centre)
Braydon Avenue
Little Stoke
BS34 6BQ
Tel: 01454 616767
Website: Concord Medical Centre

Stoke Gifford Medical Centre, Stoke Gifford, BristolStoke Gifford Medical Centre
Ratcliffe Drive
Stoke Gifford
BS34 8UE
Tel: 0117 9799430
Website: Stoke Gifford Medical Centre

Coniston Medical Practice, Patchway, BristolConiston Medical Practice
The Parade
Coniston Road
BS34 5TF
Tel: 0117 9692508
Website: Coniston Medical Practice

GP Led Seven Day Services (Polyclinic)

NHS South Gloucestershire offers an extended hours open access GP service at the Orchard Medical Centre in Kingswood. This service operates from 8am to 8pm daily (including weekends and ALL bank holidays). There is no need to be registered with the centre – the service is open to all residents of South Gloucestershire.

The Orchard Medical Centre
Macdonald Walk
BS15 8NJ
Tel: 0117 980 5100
Website: The Orchard Medical Centre

Other Sources of Information

Information about health services for children and young people in Bradley Stoke can be obtained from the Council’s Patchway Hub in Rodway Road, Patchway.

Advice from the The Guardian’s “Doctor, Doctor …” Series

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