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[Letter] Action needed to save Three Brooks lake

Posted on Saturday 1st December 2018 at 8:28 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of the interpretation panel at the lake.

Have you visited the Three Books Lake recently? It is in a sorry state and the council does not appear to be in any hurry to do anything about it. More and more of the silt is building up and turning into a solid state i.e. land in which grass etc. can take root.
Where there is water, it is only 3 to 4 inches deep! The residents of Bradley Stoke stand to lose a valuable recreation facility and wildlife sanctuary, unless something is done.

The streams feeding the lake will also back up, as the water will have nowhere to go – we saw signs of this last winter.

It was interesting to read in October’s Journal magazine of the possibility of a company that can utilise the silt, thereby potentially offsetting some of the costs of dredging. That would be an excellent result. However, when you put the estimated costs of £100,000 in the context that some individuals employed by South Gloucestershire Council, at our expense, are paid that sum as an annual salary, and some twice that amount, I think the wishes of the residents of Bradley Stoke deserve some very serious consideration.

Fred Hillberg
Bradley Stoke

This letter originally appeared in the November 2018 issue of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine (on page 33). The magazine is delivered FREE, EVERY MONTH (except August), to ALL 8,700 homes in Bradley Stoke. Phone 01454 300 400 to enquire about advertising or leaflet insertion.

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[Forum] Fire on Tump was “mindless act of destruction”

Posted on Monday 9th May 2016 at 8:42 pm by Anonymous (Forum)

Aftermath of a fire on the Tump, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

My wife and I sadly witnessed a mindless act of destruction yesterday on the big hill in the nature reserve. On our walk we saw several teenagers on the hill and 5 minutes later a fire broke out where they were standing which quickly grew out of control.

We called the police and fire service to attend and confronted the youths only to receive a load of verbal and aggressive abuse back, so we departed to wait for the fire service.

The group continued to hang around for 10-15 minutes, but sadly neither the police nor fire service attended.

Two PCSOs called by our house about 45 mins later, although they couldn’t find where the fire happened.

Photo: Aftermath of fire on the Tump.

Name withheld

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[Forum] Concern over stones being thrown at ducks by youths

Posted on Wednesday 6th August 2014 at 8:58 pm by Margaret (Forum)

Lake at the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve, Bradley Stoke.

Yesterday evening (Sunday 3rd August), my husband and I walked down to the lake in Bradley Stoke with our dog.

At the lake was a group of young people, approx. 14-16 years old. One of them, a young lad about 14 was throwing stones into the lake. The ducks, thinking he was throwing food, had all congregated very near him. When l saw what he was doing I asked him to stop. As I was doing this, one of the stones hit one of the ducks.

Both of us shouted at him and told him to stop it, at which point he started turning nasty. We told him if he hit one more duck, I would call the police. He then became very agitated and said that us shouting at him was making him throw more stones in the lake.

At this point we decided to leave. This was one very nasty little man who had no manners and a complete disregard for the ducks on the lake.

Please can people look out for this behaviour at the lake. I only wish l had taken his photo with my phone and emailed it to all the local headmasters in the area.


Image: Archive photo of the Three Brooks lake in Bradley Stoke.

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[Forum] Call for locals to help protect swans’ nest in nature reserve

Posted on Friday 4th April 2014 at 12:12 pm by NatureLover (Forum)

Swan tends eggs in nest at Three Brooks lake, Bradley Stoke.

Yesterday, while walking my dog in the nature reserve, it was lovely the see that the swans had laid an egg and were nesting in the bullrushes near the path and little bridge leading up to Juniper Way. Today, however, I was saddened to see that someone had thrown large sticks into the nest and the egg had gone. The swan was still trying to nest and sit on the sticks expectantly.

Whoever did this should feel so much shame. I don’t know if the swans will be able to lay another egg this year but thought that if they did, it would be a good idea to set up a watching brief close to their nest to deter thugs from destroying these beautiful creatures’ nest. This could be simply a rota of local people willing to sit in close proximity to the nest for an hour at a time to guard it. What do other people think about this? With so many local people enjoying the nature reserve I would hope to have many volunteers. I would happily organise something like this.


Photo: Archive picture (from 2012) of a swans’ nest at the lake in the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve, Bradley Stoke.

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[Forum] Hungry birds at the Three Brooks lakes

Posted on Tuesday 21st December 2010 at 11:52 pm by T Thomas (Forum)

I was wondering if you could send out an s.o.s to your readers regarding the birds at the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve?

We have been to feed them on a few occasions but they appear to be extremely hungry in this cold weather! The swans in particular do not seem to be getting to hand outs of food as the ducks are literally jumping out of the water to get food straight from the hand!

In other areas where it is very cold at the moment, a number of swans are suffering and having to be rescued so if any kind hearted readers could possibly take a stroll to the reserve and help the birds out with some extra food while the weather is so cold, I am sure they would appreciate it!

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