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Bradley Stoke 10k Run

Bradley Stoke 10k Festival Run

The Bradley Stoke 10k Race is held annually in June as part of the Bradley Stoke Community Festival. The race is organised by Sole Sisters, the only all women UK Athletics affiliated running group based in North Bristol.

The race is described as “multi-terrain”, being partly on tracks through the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve but also on tarmac footpaths (e.g. behind Juniper Way and along Bradley Stoke Way). The course has a slight amount of climb as it crosses or follows the Three Brooks stream network. Winning times were 33:36 (men) and 41:17 (women) in 2009.

The next Bradley Stoke 10k Run will take place on Sunday 10th June 2018.

Entries now open: Bradley Stoke 10k (Race Nation)

NEW: Race SOLD OUT on 19th March 2018

Local training opportunities:

  • North Bristol Running Group organises informal runs that start from Bradley Stoke Surgery. Read more here or visit the North Bristol Running Group Facebook page.
  • Bristol & West Athletics Club stages a monthly 5k race, the Filton Flyer, between March and July.

More local races in 2018:

2017 Race result

MenMaciej Bialogonski rounds the final turn to clinch the race in a time of 34:07.

  1. Maciej Bialogonski 34:07
  2. Daryl Phillips 37:05
  3. Stephen Honight 37:11


  1. Helen Newberry 37:00
  2. Louise Cronin 43:07
  3. Kerry Whitton 46:39

More: Full results (DB Max)

Race report: Bradley Stoke 10k sees last year’s winners come out top again

2017 Race photos and video

Start of the 2017 Bradley Stoke 10k Run.

Bradley Stoke Journal
  • Warm-up session with Terry the Tornado (video on Facebook)
  • Runners cross the start line (166 pictures on Facebook)
  • Runners pass through the nature reserve (136 pictures on Facebook)
  • Runners approach the finish (475 pictures on Facebook)
Roly’s Free Pics
DB Max
  • Finish line video (by dbmaxUK on YouTube)

Race Route

The interactive map below shows the route of the annual Bradley Stoke 10K Race, organised by Sole Sisters Running Club, North Bristol.

The start (at the Jubilee Centre) is shown by the blue marker, the finish (also at the Jubilee Centre) by the green marker. The yellow markers show recommended viewing points around the circuit together with expected times of arrival of the lead runners at each point (click on any marker to see this information).

The first lap of the race is shown in blue, the second lap in red.

View Bradley Stoke 10K Race Route in a larger map

Click on a marker or route line to see a description. Use the navigation controls in the top left corner to zoom in or out. Click and drag to move the map. Can't see the map? - You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser [help].

For best effect, we recommend using the Larger Map.

Bradley Stoke 10k 2016

2016 Race result

Maciej Bialogonski approaches the final turn to clinch the race in a time of 34:11.Men

  1. Maciej Bialogonski 34:11
  2. Ciaran McQuade 34:42
  3. Adam Wilson 35:04


  1. Helen Newberry 37:19
  2. Rebecca Awde 39:07
  3. Elizabeth Smith 41:29

More: Full results (DB Max)

Race report: Over 540 runners contest Bradley Stoke 10k

2016 Race photos and video

Runners approach the finish line in the 2016 Bradley Stoke 10k.
Bradley Stoke Journal
  • Runners cross the start line (174 pictures on Facebook)
  • Runners approach the finish (465 photos on Facebook)
  • Race overview (48 pictures on Facebook)
Bradley Stoke 10k
Roly’s Free Pics
DB Max
  • Finish video (by Elliot DB Max on YouTube)

Bradley Stoke 10k 2015

2015 Race result

N.B. Actual course length approx 10.45km as route had to be changed at short notice to avoid an area cordoned off by the police for an incident investigation.
Ciaran McQuade crosses the finish line in the Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2015.


  1. Ciaran McQuade 37:18
  2. Soren Adams 37:41
  3. Nick Cutler 38:20


  1. Antonia Burt 42:21
  2. Alice Doggrell 46:58
  3. Helen Tunnicliff 47:11

More: Full results (DB Max)

Race report: Tenth anniversary Bradley Stoke 10k Run springs a surprise

2015 Race photos

Start of the 2015 Bradley Stoke 10k Run.

  • Runners cross the start line (193 pictures on Facebook)
  • Runners approach the finish (425 pictures on Facebook)
  • Race overview (49 pictures on Facebook)
  • Finish video (by wafullerwa on YouTube)

Bradley Stoke 10k 2014

2014 Race Result

Matthew Krelle.


  1. Matthew Krelle 34:45
  2. Andrew Cooke 35:35
  3. Martin Bartlett 36:46


  1. Jessie Sanzo 36:24
  2. Jemma Faulkner 43:11
  3. Liz Sanigar 43:37

More: Full results (DB Max)

Race report: Dual win for Bristol & West runners in Bradley Stoke 10k

2014 Race photos

Start of the 2014 Bradley Stoke 10k Run.

  • Overview (49 pictures on Facebook)
  • Runners cross the start line (88 pictures on Facebook)
  • Runners approach the finish line (508 pictures on Facebook; includes most sub-76 minute finishers)

More local races in 2014

Bradley Stoke 10k 2013

2013 Race Result

Men's race winner Andrew Cooke.Men

  1. Andrew Cooke 34:31
  2. Peter Morton 36:13
  3. Martin Bartlett 36:32


  1. Hayley Bennett 44:51
  2. Jane Coleman 44:58
  3. Rosina Rowland 45:33

More: Full results (DB Max)

2013 Race photos

Start of the Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2013.

  • Overview (53 pictures)
  • Runners cross the start line (122 pictures on PicasaWeb and Facebook)
  • In the nature reserve (88 photos on Flickr, courtesy of Steve Gibbard)
  • Runners approach the finish line (493 pictures on PicasaWeb and Facebook; includes most sub-69 minute finishers)

Bradley Stoke 10k 2012

2012 Race Result


  1. Matt Hooper 34:37
  2. James Shorney 35:55
  3. Peter Morton 35:56


  1. Jenny Jagger 37:42
  2. Elizabeth Smith 39:30
  3. Helen Newberry 41:44

More: Full results (DB Max)

2012 Race Photos

Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2012.

Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2012

A big thank you to Owen and Ryan for helping with the photos.

Bradley Stoke 10k 2011

2011 Race Result


  1. Peter Morton 35:26
  2. Nick Taviner 37:09
  3. Michael O’Donnell 37:17


  1. Jessie Sanzo 39:53
  2. Elizabeth Smith 40:00
  3. Kelly Cripps 46:21
Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2011

Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2011

Official 2011 Race Results (Journal Archive)

Race report: Rain fails to dampen spirits of 10k runners

Photos: Overview (39); start (132); mid-course (46); finish (226)

More photos (from Sole Sisters RC)

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Bradley Stoke 10k 2010

2010 Race Result


  1. Will New 35:26
  2. Phil Lucker 35:58
  3. Ben Andrews 36:33


  1. Rozanne de Villiers 48:09
  2. Jo Hawkins 48:29
  3. Vicky Bressington 48:57
Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2010

Bradley Stoke 10k Run 2010

Official 2010 Race Results (Journal Archive)

Race Report: Biggest ever Bradley Stoke 10k a resounding success

2010 Race Photos

Previous Years


2010 Race Report and Photos (Bradley Stoke Journal)

2010 Race Results [MS Excel] (Sole Sisters)


2009 Race Report and Photos (Bradley Stoke Journal)

2009 Race Results [PDF, 36KB] (Sole Sisters)


2008 Race Report and Photos (Bradley Stoke Journal)

2008 Race Results (Sole Sisters)


2007 Race Results (Sole Sisters)

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