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Bradley Stoke in Bloom February update

Posted on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 8:58 pm by SH (Editor)

Bradley Stoke in Bloom volunteers at the rose garden on Brook Way.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

For the last couple of months, we’ve felt like our daffodil bulbs – cold, wet and biding our time for warmer weather! Usually there is not much we can do in the winter months but plan for the spring. However, this year, this proved a bit harder to do as a third of our committee had gone on a long field trip to New Zealand!

January workday at The Common East

We weren’t entirely idle and our last workday saw us trying our hand at hedgelaying, which for most of the group was a first. The neighbours to the orchard on The Common East have had new fences put in which had opened up the boundaries, so rather than put in dull environmentally unfriendly wooden fences, we re-laid the hedge that had been put in by Patchway Conservation Group more than a decade ago. It’s quite a hard task, but what is not to like about being able to legally wander about with an axe in your hand! At the back of the orchard we put in what was known as a smugglers’ hedge, which is a double row with a gap in-between (this allowed the smugglers’ ponies to walk between the two hedges without being seen). Before any of you get ideas, it’s only a few feet long so you won’t get too far before you are spotted!

We also put in two hedgehog houses. We know it’s the wrong time of year, but we wanted them to be securely under the hedge before it establishes itself and we also managed to install another couple of bird boxes. Thank you to Judith H for the gift of two trees; we plan to use the rowan to fill in a gap in the orchard hedge.

Last year was the first year we pruned the orchard and we tried two different techniques. Not that I’m competitive, but judging by the amount of apples that still litter the ground where I did the ‘soft prune’, I think my method is the better one!

The weather was mostly kind on the day, although when Bristol promises rain, it never fails to deliver on its promise! But before we got drenched, we had a good day, made even better with homemade cakes made by the neighbour’s children and birthday cakes for both Rob and Ceri.

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Bradley Stoke in Bloom report for November

Posted on Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 6:35 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Bradley Stoke in Bloom volunteers at The Common East.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

November workday at The Common East

Although the pond on The Common East has been looking very tired of late, newts were found during a licensed survey so we have had to resist going in to give it a tidy up until the beginning of the ‘closed season’, which is generally November to February. Although they have not been seen in the last few months, we still wanted to do everything possible to enhance their well-being and their habitat. Newts hibernate when the temperate drops below 6°C, although they will come out to forage if the weather is warm enough, as do frogs and toads. Generally, male frogs hibernate at the bottom of the pond, and the females under rocks and vegetation, for reasons that may not be suitable to print in a family paper!

Our November workday saw us clearing as much green duck weed from the surface as we could. This is a long and tedious task as the sticklebacks like to hide just under the weed, which meant that we needed to check each net-full to ensure they could be safely returned to the pond. We also found many water snails, ramshorn snails and, surprisingly, fresh water mussels. We also cleared the edge and the boys made a valiant effort to remove silt from the pond. We’d like to offer our apologies to their neighbours, who may have seen them dumping their very dirty and smelly clothes before they were allowed inside their back doors!

The decoy ducks Barry & Kate have returned. We will remove them again in the spring if our resident pair Maurice & Millicent return, although we have been told that Millicent has been seen without her mate, so we shall just have to wait and see. We have decided to not return the butterfly boxes that were thrown in the pond yet, and we are looking at how we can repair the bench, but we have topped up the insect hotel and have introduced a few new residents, including ‘Jerry’ the stag beetle. We put some wire across the front but have made sure the sides were left open so that the hedgehog (if she’s still there) can still get in and out easily, as well as the squirrel who seems to be using it as a winter store.

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Bradley Stoke in Bloom 2017 Best Front Garden competition: The winners

Posted on Wednesday 20th September 2017 at 10:08 pm by SH (Editor)

Prize winners (1st to 3rd place) in the 2017 Bradley Stoke in Bloom Best Front Garden competition.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

We were again bowled over by the exceptionally high standard of the 14 gardens that entered our annual Best Front Garden (BFG) competition; I, personally, was as green as their immaculate lawns!

Some were new and some were old favourites, some were large and some were small, but they were all amazing in their different ways.

As the number and standard of gardens increases each year, so does the difficulty of choosing a winner, but it gives us very great pleasure to finally be able to announce our 2017 winners! The prizes were presented at the Bradley Stoke Carnival on Saturday 26th August.

First prize was the BFG trophy, a gold medal engraved with the winner’s name, a £40 voucher donated by the Harvester Restaurant and a £30 garden voucher donated by Almondsbury Garden Centre.

Second prize was an engraved glass trophy, a silver medal and a £20 garden voucher donated by Almondsbury Garden Centre.

Third prize was an engraved glass trophy, a bronze medal and a £10 garden voucher donated by Almondsbury Garden Centre.

The Facebook Favourite prize was a certificate and an engraved medal.

All the runner ups also received a certificate and an engraved medal.

Thank you to these companies, to Timpson’s for the large discount given on the trophy engraving and to Mayor Andy Ward for helping to hand out the prizes.

If you would like to see the gardens for yourselves, most of the addresses are available on request. Click on letter code below (A, B, C etc) to view photos of each garden on the BSiB Facebook page.

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‘In Bloom’ volunteers adopt ‘Aztec Triangle’

Posted on Wednesday 13th September 2017 at 10:11 pm by SH (Editor)

Bradley Stoke in Bloom volunteers at the 'Aztec Triangle'.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

Like many of you, we were rather fed up of staring at grubby traffic cones forlornly guarding muddy piles at the Aztec West roadworks, so we’ve started a new project which we call the ‘Aztec Triangle.’ We know it’s more of a trapezoid or an irregular quadrilateral than a triangle, but I have trouble spelling those words!

We were told by the contractors “no trees or deep rooted plants” as there are cables underground, so I’m assuming the tree they themselves planted has special short roots!

It’s a work in progress, as although the weather was kind for once, by mid-afternoon on our August workday we were running out of steam. This may have been caused by the heavy work, although I suspect it had more to do with being weighed down by the large amount of cake we ate to celebrate Andrew and Sarah’s birthdays! It was a great day with many people stopping to chat or take tea with us, or offering to water the plants. We’d also like to thank Almondsbury Garden Centre, Vanessa, Maureen and Nicola for donating plants and shrubs to the project.

Planting at the 'Aztec Triangle' in Bradley Stoke.

Top photo: Bradley Stoke in Bloom volunteers at the Aztec Triangle (located where the footpath from Oaktree Crescent joins Bradley Stoke Way, opposite the Woodlands Lane junction)

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