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Bradley Stoke in Bloom autumn 2019 update

Posted on Friday 4th October 2019 at 7:01 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of two decoy ducks on the pond at The Common East.

Although we were delighted to welcome some newbies to our team (Kamil, Kelly, Suzanne, Stevie and Tom), as soon as they started we entered the holiday season and we all took some well earned time off. We haven’t been completely slacking off though, as in one week we managed to take part in a South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) ‘working in water’ training day, run a volunteers’ day, present prizes for a decoy duck competition, be interviewed by the BBC and be judged by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

In between showers, we’ve also managed to replant our ‘Welcome to Bradley Stoke’ planters. We appreciate they are not as showy as Thornbury’s but we are a much smaller group. Neither do we have the luxury of having them watered by council staff, so we keep ours more low maintenance and sustainable. We did, though, have time to oil the ‘welcome’ and herb garden planters themselves and, before winter sets in, we hope to add another coat – if only we can find a dry spell long enough!

The Aztec triangle also took a long while to weed and dead head all the flowers that had gone over, but it looks so much better for it. We also managed to get in a few autumn flowering plants

At home, I sometimes feel we are the Mecca for all of the town’s slugs and snails who happily chomp their way though anything I buy, including the grasses and sunflowers that I had been given as a birthday gift. So, in an effort to save them, they have been planted at Aztec too (just please don’t tell my mother).

At The Common East pond, our decoy ducks were vandalised and although they were replaced (the new ones were ‘launched’ by Cllr Paul Hughes when he delivered our Bees’ Needs Award), we decided the new ones should have new names, so the Friends at Wheatfield School ran a small competition to choose them.

Connor won with ‘Daisy and Donald’ although Isabelle’s suggestion of ‘Suki and Rocket’ was a close second. We really hope that Connor and Isabelle enjoyed their small duck ‘thank you’s’ and that everyone appreciated their certificates.

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Bradley Stoke in Bloom 2019 Best Front Garden competition: The winners

Posted on Wednesday 2nd October 2019 at 9:33 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of mayor Cllr Tom Aditya with the winners of the large and small garden categories.

By Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

As our annual best front garden competition is now in its seventh year, I think we can justifiably claim it is now a firm fixture in our calendar. Each year we think you can’t do any better and then you do just that! But as each year increases and each garden grows, so does the difficulty in choosing an outright winner and again this year there was just a point between the top two scorers. So, after much conversation (and maybe a pint or two), we decided to again have joint overall winners.

Richard & Gill Love have, for the third time, scooped the top spot along with Maureen Hopkins & Evelyn Coates. Maureen is no stranger to the top spot though, as this is also her third time to win the shield!

In the absence of a town carnival this year, we are grateful to Almondsbury Garden Centre, not only for generously donating vouchers to every contestant, but for again allowing us to take over their café where the prizes were awarded by our mayor, Cllr Tom Aditya, and BSiB member Pepi Lateva.

Every garden we saw was unique, with such a wide variety of tastes and styles, but each reflecting their owners’ desire to make their own space a glorious one. The contestants not only brightened up their own homes but their home town too and for that we’re all very grateful, as it makes us feel we really are part of a lovely community. So we hope next year even more people enter into the community spirit and take part in our little competition.

Previously, we really enjoyed running a children’s tallest sunflower competition (last won by Sophie & James Dent) and, if there is enough interest, we hope next year to again have a children’s category – either another tallest sunflower or maybe ‘a garden in a pot’.

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Dismay at Manor Farm Roundabout vandalism

Posted on Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 9:32 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of a group of people celebrating the return of 'Debbie the heifer' and 'Peppa the pig' to Manor Farm Roundabout.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

Well, what a month! We have done some work in places other than the Manor Farm Roundabout. Not much, but some. We did some overtime and have given the community herb garden a replant. These are the large wooden planters outside Brook Way Activity Centre. Just for fun, we’ve added a few vegetables to one, for some colour. We have beetroot, chard and lettuce, and for the children, strawberries. For those with more sophisticated palates, you can choose anything from the spicy curry plants and wild garlic, to borage, fennel and rosemary. Or maybe parsley, basil, chives or thyme are more to your taste. Whichever you prefer you are welcome to come and snip off any that you fancy.

In another bit of overtime, we have managed to repair the bench at The Common East and on one sunny Sunday morning it was also repainted. Apart from the non-stop birdsong, it was amazingly quiet, until I found a dog to fuss and someone to talk to that is. Our new decoy ducks are still nameless, but Wheatfield School is intending to rectify that soon and will be running a competition to choose their new names, which we’re looking forward to. We might even be able to come up with a prize for the lucky winner. Usually in the spring we remove the decoy ducks so as not to upset the drake, but as we’ve not had a breeding pair take up residence this year, we have left them where they are. This pond no longer has any fish, but it does have some very large tadpoles. I suspect they are thriving as, apart from a dragon fly larvae or two, they have no predators here.

We have, in agreement with SGC, been keeping an eye on their Brook Way wild flower strips, and gave our new recruit Kelly the task of pulling out the oilseed rape plants. This may not have been a good idea, as I think some of them were almost as tall as she is! We also discovered that the thistles I often admired were in fact not thistles but something else (not that I know what – it took me long enough to remember ‘brown side down, green side up’!). But I did remember the three birthdays we have this month in the group, Pepi, Jenny and Stevie. They couldn’t all make it this month so we had plenty of cake to work off in the afternoon.#

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Bradley Stoke in Bloom update for April

Posted on Thursday 9th May 2019 at 10:01 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Easter decorations on a 'Welcome' planter.

An update from Sara Messenger of the Bradley Stoke in Bloom group.

I sometimes feel that I haven’t done much – we seem to spend endless hours on paperwork and emails and then many more hours digging, seeding and planting with very little to show for it. But then spring arrives and a few flowers start to lift their heads above the cold and damp soil, and before you know it, it all comes together and everything is blooming! Well apart from our daffodils at the Aztec West bus stop, but you can’t have everything! After our spring clean, we asked John, the town council’s deputy clerk, why there were no longer any bins at this location, and to BSTC’s credit, within a matter of weeks two new bins had been installed (albeit one of them on our new daffs). But a bin’s a win, so we didn’t mind too much.

Photo of a large wicker rabbit created by sculptor Tom Hare.

You may have noticed that our ‘Welcome’ planters are sporting a few cheery Easter decorations and that some rabbits are now ‘hopping’ around the Great Stoke Roundabout. This is what we all know as ‘Rabbit Roundabout’ and I’m told that at a recent meeting, one of the local councils has discussed changing the name to its more well known one (amazing what you can learn at the local post office!). As well as our giant carrots, we have always hoped to install some appropriately sized rabbits and we have again contacted wicker artist Tom Hare, whose beautiful sculptures regularly feature in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, so we’re hopeful that plans are again progressing.

It does seem to be the month for new things – we’ve had several new members, so welcome to Suzanne, Tom and Stevie; Friends of Jubilee Green have donated lots of shiny garden tools to us (sorry guys, I think we’ve already got them muddy); and we think the RHS have finally renewed our membership, which will mean that we can once again enter their ‘In your Neighbourhood’ competition.

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