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Anne Clark, Chair of Bradley Stoke Twinning Association in 2009, writes:

Champs-sur-Marne Twinning Sign

After the Second World War in 1945, Sir Winston Churchill, the English Prime Minister from 1939-1945, saw a future linking the communities of Europe. By encouraging people to overcome prejudices and break down barriers he thought another major war in Europe could be prevented. This idea was taken up and has led to the many twinning links we see today. From the first links with France and Germany, twinning has become a world wide activity.

Everyone who gets involved in twinning has lots of fun. Whatever your age or background, twinning is an excellent way to meet new people, from abroad and locally, through a twinning association.

Bradley Stoke Twinning Association was formed in 1990. We formally twinned with Champs-sur-Marne in 2000.

New members and families are always welcome to join the Twinning Association.  Please contact Christopher Lee (Chairman) on 0781 8005970.

Our next exchange visit will be in May next year, when residents of Champs-sur-Marne visit us. We are also trying to incorporate it with a sports and school visit.

Role of the Twinning Association

The role of the Twinning Association is to establish and maintain friendly relations with each other, and through that friendship pursue the promotion of cultural, educational,  social, economic, tourist, youth and sporting exchanges in the interests of the inhabitants of their communities.

They will promote understanding, peace and mutual respect between people, contributing by example the creation of goodwill between the different peoples of the world.

Aims of the Twinning Association

In particular the aims of the accord or agreement are to:

  • Foster and develop mutual understanding and respect.
  • Encourage the involvement of all sections of our communities in meeting each other and taking part in joint activities.
  • Exchange information and maintain regular contact on matters of interest.

Objectives of the Twinning Association

The objectives are to encourage individuals, group associations, education and business links and involving the youth of Bradley Stoke with our twinned town of Champs-sur-Marne, near Paris in France.

What can Twinning do for you or what can you do for Twinning?

Through twinning you can:

  • Make new friends
  • Share ideas and experiences
  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Gain first hand experience of another culture
  • Share a hobby or interest
  • Practise or learn a foreign language
  • Visit new places with the locals
  • Add an international dimension to your sports matches
  • Gain work experience abroad
  • Explore solutions to common problems in the community
Twinning Association Visit
Twinning Association Visit in May 2009

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