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As of 2022, full fibre (ultrafast) broadband is now available to many homes in Bradley Stoke. For details, visit the Journal’s Full Fibre Broadband information page.


Welcome to The Journal’s guide to broadband services in Bradley Stoke.

UPDATE (March 2014): Superfast broadband is now becoming available in Bradley Stoke. The first customers in South Gloucestershire Council’s ‘intervention area’ were able to order fibre broadband from late March 2014. Find out if you can order the service and how much it will cost:


Despite being a large modern town, with few houses more than 20 years old, Bradley Stoke doesn’t have its own telephone exchange. Instead it is served by two exchanges that existed long before the town was built:

The coverage areas of the two exchanges can be seen on maps provided by the Samknows Broadband website. Click on an exchange name listed above and select the “view larger and more detailed map” option. Click on the building symbol in the centre of the map (which represents the location of the exchange) and then click on “show/hide exchange coverage”.

Broadband - photo by charmcitygavin (licence: cc-attr)

The range and quality of the broadband services you are able to recieve in Bradley Stoke depends on which exchange you are connected to and the length of the line from the exchange to your property.

The coverage of the two exchanges overlaps in the central part of Bradley Stoke. If you are having a new line installed, you may be given the chance to choose which exchange you wish to connect to, however most properties are likely to have an existing connection. Properties in the central area of the town are likley to have the lowest speed connection, due to the distance from the respective exchange.

To discover the broadband services available at your location in Bradley Stoke, we recommend using the Samknows Broadband Availability Checker. Simply enter your landline phone number or postcode and the checker will tell you which services are available and the connection speed you can expect.

Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)

Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) is the process by which third party network operators install equipment in BT telephone exchanges in order to provide their own services without having to using BT’s backbone network. Only the copper wire from the exchange to the subscriber, which remains the property of BT, is used by the third party operator.

Both the Almondsbury and Filton exchanges have LLU operators. The only operator currently offering LLU services from Almonsbury (01454 prefix) is Orange. From Filton (0117 prefix) there is a choice of AOL, O2/Be, C&W/Bulldog, Orange, Sky and TalkTalk.

Connection Speeds

Due to the distances to the two telephone exchanges, you will be lucky to achieve speeds greater than 4Mbps (even if your broadband provider advertises rates up to 8Mbps). In the central part of Bradley Stoke, speeds may be as low as 0.5Mbps.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a street that has been wired for cable, it is worth looking into the broadband services offered by Virgin Media (formerly Telewest), whose system achieves speeds up to 20Mbps.

Test your broadband speed now:

Broadband Providers

Broadband from £10/month (£5/month for Orange Mobile customers) when you take line rental from Orange.

Talk Talk
Inexpensive broadband available (as part of a phone call/line rental package) to subscribers on the both the Filton and Almondsbury exchanges.

Broadband from £10/month when you take line rental from Sky. Only available at this price if you are on the Filton exchange (prefix 0117).

Virgin Media
Broadband speeds up to 20Mbps, subject to the availability of cable in your street.

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