Fostering and Adoption

The following information on fostering and adoption has been kindly provided by South Gloucestershire Council.

Foster Care

Fostering involves looking after someone else’s child or teenager in your own home in the short term or longer term. Foster carers are always needed, particularly those who can care for teenagers and sibling groups. In exchange for this the Council offers generous fees and allowances, structured training, interaction with existing foster carers and continuous, ongoing support – which is vital because carers are very much ‘part of a team’, working closely with social workers, other foster carers, adoptive families, teachers, doctors, other professionals and the child’s parents.

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Adoption is a way of providing new families for children who cannot be brought up by their own parents. It is a legal process, which transfers all the responsibilities held by the child’s birth parents to the new adoptive parents. The adopters become the child’s legal parents through the granting of an Adoption Order by a Court.

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Family Link Caring

The provision of regular short breaks to disabled children and young people including those with learning difficulties, autism and physical impairments. This type of fostering offers a long-term relationship with a child or young person and their family. It suits people who can offer short breaks and who feel positive about disabled children and young people. Providing a short break for one of these children can be very rewarding and the commitment required can be as little as one weekend a month.

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Fostering and Adoption in South Gloucestershire

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