2019 Town Elections

Brook Way Polling Station, Bradley Stoke

On Thursday 2nd May 2019, all of the seats on Bradley Stoke Town Council will be up for election.

Councillors will be elected to serve a four-year term of office.

The South Gloucestershire district elections are being held on the same day.

The Notice of Election will be published on Friday 22nd March 2019 and nominations will be accepted until the deadline on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

The deadline for voter registration is Friday 12th April 2019. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote, please contact the SGC helpline on 01454 863030.

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Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

More info:

Candidates and results

We have made efforts to obtain a short (200-word max) statement from each candidate. If you are a candidate and haven’t heard from us yet, please get in touch.

View all available candidate profiles (or click on a name below)

North ward (6 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  • David Addison (Labour) 556 votes
  • Liny Aditya (Conservative) 541 votes
  • Deanna Cohen (Independent) 433 votes
  • Fabrizio Fazzino (Labour) 585 votes ELECTED
  • Tony Griffiths (Conservative) 700 votes ELECTED
  • Gurmit Gupta (Conservative) 513 votes
  • Elaine Hardwick (Independent) 598 votes ELECTED
  • Brian Hopkinson (Conservative) 611 votes ELECTED
  • Franklin Owusu-Antwi (Conservative) 566 votes ELECTED
  • Terrence Port (Independent) 507 votes
  • Jansen Roy (Conservative) 513 votes
  • Ben Walker (UKIP Make Brexit Happen) 296 votes
  • Andy Ward (Independent) 580 votes ELECTED
  • Simon Waters (Labour) 448 votes

South ward (7 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  • Tom Aditya (Conservative) 1082 votes ELECTED
  • Roger Avenin (Conservative) 1255 votes ELECTED
  • John Bradbury (Labour) 544 votes
  • Tom Bulkeley (Labour) 530 votes
  • Theresa Cullen (Conservative) 1168 votes ELECTED
  • Natalie Field (Labour) 575 votes
  • Nikki Hallur (Conservative) 1011 votes ELECTED
  • Casey Hardwick (Independent) 514 votes
  • Michael Hill (Conservative) 1110 votes ELECTED
  • Dayley Lawrence (Labour) 524 votes
  • Christine Phillips (Independent) 379 votes
  • Daniel Povey (Independent) 332 votes
  • Ben Randles (Conservative) 1165 votes ELECTED
  • Edward Rose (Conservative) 1098 votes ELECTED
  • Kulwinder Sappal (Labour) 523 votes
  • Marion Ward (Independent) 528 votes

Stoke Brook ward (2 seats)

Results in detail (SGC)

  • John Ashe (Conservative) 304 votes ELECTED
  • Keith Cranney (Conservative) 274 votes ELECTED
  • Jenny James (Labour) 236 votes

Election leaflets

Several of the town election candidates are featured in leaflets for the district election.

Town election news in the Journal

Candidates and parties online

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