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Council invites comment on Bradley Stoke Way path proposal

Posted on Friday 30th May 2008 at 12:14 pm by SH (Editor)

Path along Bradley Stoke WaySouth Gloucestershire Council (SGC) is inviting the public to comment on proposals to construct a new shared used footway/cycleway on the east side of Bradley Stoke Way, close to the Leisure Centre. The new path will run from the point at which the existing footway from the bridge over Patchway Brook (near Ellicks Close) emerges onto Bradley Stoke Way to the Pelican crossing on the same side of Bradley Stoke Way, close to the Leisure Centre.

The Council points out that pedestrians and cyclists would no longer have to cross and then re-cross Bradley Stoke Way in order to reach the Leisure Centre. It is also claimed that the new route would have advantages “in terms of personal security” over the alternative route down the Patchway Brook path and then up the path between Savages Wood and the Community School playing fields.

Relevant pages on the SGC website:

The Pelican crossing on Bradley Stoke Way is due to be re-sited to line up with the axis of the new shopping mall currently under construction as part of Bradley Stoke’s new town centre.

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