Rogue motorbikers warned off Three Brooks nature reserve

Motorcycle Prohibition NoticeThe Neighbourhood Policing Team in Bradley Stoke has announced a clampdown on the illegal riding of mopeds, motorcycles and mini-mopeds in the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve.

The move follows complaints about the nuisance from families, dog walkers and people living nearby.

Signs positioned at entrances to the reserve, which have been in place for many years, clearly state that the riding of motorcycles is prohibited (see photo).

Neighbourhood PC Michael Friis confirms that “There are no rights of way for vehicles across this reserve. Only pedal cycles and walkers are permitted.”

He added: “Anyone caught riding any sort of motorbike in the nature reserve could find their vehicle seized and even crushed by police.”

Officers have a power under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act to seize a vehicle being used to cause alarm or in an anti-social manner.

The Police statement encourages motorcycling enthusiasts to find out about local clubs and authorised tracks from the Amateur Motorcycle Association (AMCA). Local motocross tracks may be found at Cheddar and Tormarton.

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