Council proposes Toucan crossing conversions

Pedestrian Crossing on Bradley Stoke WayPedestrian Crossing on Savages Wood Road

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has announced plans to replace Pelican crossings on Bradley Stoke Way and Savages Wood Road with “Toucan” alternatives.

Toucan Crossing NoticeNotices displayed at the two crossings state that the proposals are being made after “consultation with the chief officer of police”. Maps and statements of reasons will be available on the SGC website and at Bradley Stoke Library.

Comments about the proposals must be sent to the Council by Wednesday 26th November.

Toucan crossings differ from Pelican crossings in that cyclists are allowed to ride across the road. The crossings are wider (4m instead of 2.8m) and have “intelligent” detectors.

Unlike Pelican crossings, there is no “flashing amber” signal shown to vehicles at a Toucan crossing.

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